Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Essential Clean Eating Grocery List

Want to get started eating healthy but don't have any clue where to start! Relax, girlfriend! I have you covered! Below is a SIMPLE clean eating grocery list that you can literally mix and match to make WEEKS of easy, healthy meals! Here's a peak and we will go through each category a bit and and I end of this post, you can download a copy and take it to the store with you this weekend! #winning

Lean Protein
Essential in a healthy, clean eating diet! Lean ground meats can be cooked in batches and used throughout the week. Rotisserie chickens are a staple at my house--shred off the meat and take off the skin and and top salads with it, make chicken salad, or just have it heated up alongside veggies.
I also love cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and hardboiled eggs for snacks!

Fruits & Veggies
Obviously this is not a complete list--you can add whatever fruits and veggies you like but they should take up a big part of you shopping cart! I chose the ones on the list based on nutrition content and versatility (you can throw together a simple side salad with mixed greens in about 10 seconds!)

Don't try to no-carb it, girls. Your body needs carbs for the fiber, vitamins and minerals. Not to mention the satisfaction!!! Stick with minimally processed whole grains whenever possible and just remember carbs aren't BAD--you just have to make sure you are balancing out your healthy carbs with veggies,  protein and other healthy food.

Canned/Other Items
Tuna, beans, good quality marinara and unsweetened vanilla almond milk are staples in my house! You can do so much with them and they are so versatile!

Nuts and Seeds
These are GREAT for healthy snacks--I always like something crunchy! Just don't overdo it. A serving of almonds is about 10-12 almonds..not an entire bag! I usually sprinkle them on top of Greek yogurt! You can throw a teapsoon of chia seeds in pretty much everything and it's instantly healthier! (French fries and chia seeds anyone??)

Healthy Fats
Your body NEEDS fat! So drop the "fat free" situation and just work on balancing out healthy fats with the rest of your diet. Olive oil, nut butter, avocados and cheese are some of my favorite healthy fats--in moderation.

Spices and Condiments
The list could go on forever here! Stevia or honey are my go-to sweeteners for coffee. Maple syrup is great drizzled over Greek yogurt. You can make a quick vinaigrette with just balsamic and olive oil for a side salad and taco seasoning....i use that on soooo many things!!!
I'll be mixing and matching these ingredients for a complete week's worth of meals in a later post! In the meantime, you can download and print the shopping list below! ENJOY!!!

The essential clean eating grocery list with free printable list!

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