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Meal Plan Monday ~ Reheat & Eat

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Welcome to May and Meal Plan Monday! One of the main reasons I can stay on track with good nutrition is taking a few minutes each weekend to plan out our meals and snacks. Each Monday I will be sharing our family's weeknight dinner plan with you!

I find inspiration for dinner in four main places:
  • Magazines: I love Cooking Light and Food Network Magazine. Most of their recipes are healthy, easy and family friendly.
  • Food Network: I love their website and if I see something good while I am watching a Food TV show, I can always look up the recipe! I love their ratings and reader reviews too!
  • Pinterest: I am constantly pinning healthy recipes! I've done the work for you--check out my Pinterest board here:
  • This Blog: LOL! Sounds weird but I often forget what healthy recipes I've made! This blog is a record of my family's faves. It's like my "best of the best" recipe file...because I don't share bad recipes with ya'll!!!
This Week
So this week is going to be one of the craziest weeks we have had so far this year! My daughter has her school play this weekend and rehearsals every single night this week from 6-9pm! There are a few baseball games thrown in there, too so it will truly be a "divide of conquer" kind of week for hubs and I!

On these weeks where we won't all be eating together, I opt for "Heat (or REHEAT) and eat"- type meals. Meals that a good reheated or that we can just grab and eat whenever we get around to it.

The Menu
Monday: Grilled Steak with Pineapple Rice
  • Inspiration: Pinterest Search for "Healthy Summer Recipes"
  • Notes: I will have hubs grill this steak up on Sunday while he's grilling our Sunday dinner, so it's ready to go. I'll substitute brown rice for white. EASY PEASY! My kind of Monday!
Chili Steak with Hawaiian rice meal plan meal 
Source: Good Housekeeping
Tuesday: Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps
  • Inspiration: Pinterest Search for "Healthy Summer Recipes"
  • Notes: Since I work on Tuesdays, a crockpot meal is perfect! I will use a leaner cut of pork (like a tenderloin) and adjust the sriracha for the kids.
Korean pork lettuce wraps meal plan meal planning healthy summer recipes 
Source: Good Housekeeping
Wednesday: Crockpot Taco "Skillet"
  • Inspiration: My blog!
  • Notes: None! I figure the more Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo week, the better!
Crockpot Chicken Taco Skillet
Thursday: Cajun Shrimp and Rice
  • Inspiration: Food Network website. I searched "healthy shrimp recipes."
  • Notes: I will sub brown rice for white rice. I use Weber's Canjun seasoning. It's not too spicy :) Also, it's likely my kids won't eat this since they are not huge shrimp fans. So on nights like that, they will usually just have a Trader Joe's pizza or  Mac and Cheese and fruit. If it's a grab and go night, I might just make them a sandwich/fruit and pack it for them. I don't over complicate things if my kids aren't eating what we eat. I used to drive myself crazy stressing about them not eating everything but I've learned to give that up!
Cajun Shrimp and rice meal plan meal planning clean eating summer recipes shrimp recipes

Friday: Cinco de Mayo soooo... Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas! (you can never have enough Mexican food in one week!)
  • Inspiration: This month's Food Network Magazine
  • Notes: I will sub plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream
Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas 
Source: Food Network Magazine

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