Sunday, October 1, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ September Edition!

September went FAST. Like, really, really fast! We were thrown into the world of school and soccer and I swear, in a heartbeat it was over! So the words that describe September are school, soccer...and a little bit of theater and cousin love thrown in :)

The month started off right with a visit from our Chicago Cousin!!!

Will proved he was still not too old for the "baby rides!"

These two definitely belonged in JAIL!

His ride on the Merry go Round was a little too hot....

So much Cousin LOVE!!!!

Because I never know what I am going to find around my house..I came downstairs one morning and saw this...that's a headband the baby is wrapped in. #yepthisismylife

Teeth were a big thing this month, too! This one lost her very first tooth!

And after two years, this one got her BRACES OFF!!!

You can find us at the soccer field every Saturday morning! Sarah's team is AMAZING and Will's team is good too...but not as good as Sarah's! HA!

I love this pic that one of Sarah's teachers snapped at school one day! I kept asking her what she bribed Will with......! Sarah LOVES that part of her recess overlaps with her Big Brother's!

Brooke auditioned for a theater company and got in! Not without much DRAMA should have seen her 30 minutes before the audition! Good Lord, I almost thought we were going to have to drive home and call it quits. #dramaqueen

But she got in and I am thrilled for her! Next up is auditions for roles in these two plays!

And on that note, THAT'S A WRAP on September!! Thank goodness October has 31 days...I think that extra day really makes a difference!! HA! Happy Fall!! XOXO

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