Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Here are some shots from our yearly family photo session done on Mare Island in Vallejo. It was such a beautiful setting and most of the pictures were taken on the porch of a gorgeous old Victorian home (former military officers quarters).

Yes, Will is SMILING this year!!!

This kid actually turned out to be quite the model for the camera. Nevermind that I can't get him to do anything--the photographer could!! This picture is SO his personality!!

And this picture is SO Brooke's personality. Just a happy, happy kid.

Sarah started crawling very soon after this picture was taken. She was on the move!

Of course Daddy and I had to pose for the camera, too! I love the old brick building in this pic!

Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm a little late posting this (I start every post like this, don't I?) but as of November 21st, we officially have a crawler! She seemed to crawl earlier than the other two and looking back at the baby books, sure enough, she is crawling a full two months ahead of both Brooke and Will. She has A LOT to keep up with, this little one! As the third child, she simple cannot be left out of any of the action!!

Other things to note this month....her teeth STILL haven't popped yet! She's drooling and slightly fussy and I'm sure they'll be here any day now. She stopped sleeping (well) through the night about a month or two ago but I wanted to get her past the 6 month growth spurt before I did any sleep training. We did the Sleepeasy Solution and within 2-3 days she was going to sleep all on her own and sleeping 12 hours at night. Ahhh....I like my sleep :) And so does she, apparently.

She's back to her good old sleeping self now. Our next step is to move her into the kids' room. First, Brooke needs to move into her own room. As of now, Brooke and Will enjoy sharing so much that she hasn't slept in her room at all! I guess if they all 3 want to sleep in one tiny room, I'll let them go for it. It's just a matter of time before they go all Lord of the Flies on me and start hurting each other :) I guess Brooke will figure out then that it's time to move :)

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