Sunday, April 7, 2013


Brookey and Will both started soccer last week. Buddy is not in a real "league," just a developmental skills class on Friday mornings, no games...thank goodness!! Not sure where we would fit in games for him on Saturdays with T-ball going on, too! Will LOVES soccer. He was completely in his element from the moment his class started. He enjoys T-ball, but there is A LOT of downtime in baseball. Not that conducive to an active 4 year old little boy! Soccer, however....they are constantly running and are active the whole time. He just loved it...and he's pretty good, too if I say so myself!!

This is his game face. He's jersey is authentic with "Rooney" on the in Wayne Rooney, the famous player from the UK :)
The Rooney jersey definitely makes him the most professional looking in the class :)

Brookey is starting a real "competitive" soccer league in the fall. Right now, she's just in a more mellow, 5 on 5 league to get some experience with the game. There is one practice per week and a short one hour game on Saturday morning. She played in her first game last Saturday, without having been to one practice or ever playing soccer before! She did great! And I think she had a lot of fun, too!!

Pregame..where did my little girl go?? I think she's taller than me!

Action Shot!

Go Brookey!!

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