Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking The Red Carpet

I have never been "into" the Oscars...probably since we hardly ever watch movies. Scott and I have never, ever been to a movie together-imagine that! Although I am proud to say I did watch at least ONE of the nominated movies this year--Toy Story 3!!!

But since our good friends have started having an annual Oscar Party, I have to admit, we've had some fun walking the red carpet!! Especially since they made it "adults only" this year--big difference!!! :)

This party is especially nice for us since at last years party, we met and made some of our very best friends here in the community. It was a wonderful Mommy and Daddy's night out all around and a chance to catch up with some wonderful friends!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Going to the Snow"

When Scott and I first met, I remember I used the phrase "go to the snow" (Do you want to go the the snow this weekend?). It was followed by a very odd look from my Midwestern then-boyfriend. He had never heard the term "go to the snow." Since he grew up in a cold weather climate, he didn't quite understand the reason why anyone would exactly GO or "seek out" the snow!!!

Ten years later, he has discovered the stunning beauty of Lake Tahoe and now I have a feeling we'll be "going to the snow" quite often in the winter!

Thanks to our great friends Traci and Matt, we got to spend the weekend at their beautiful tahoe Donner home last weekend. We could not have asked for better weather....except maybe a liiiitle colder!! However, I can't complain about 60 and sunny in the mountains at this time of year! No chains or 4x4 necessary!

On Saturday we took the kids to a snow park where they both had a blast tubing and sledding...even scaredy-cat Brooke was fearless that day...and Buddy made the tubing height cutoff by one inch and also LOVED IT, as expected--he's fearless. The rest of the time was spent eating, drinking wine and playing/sledding in the backyard. Even though it was only a 3 hour drive and we only stayed for 1.5 days, Brooke was so cute to tell me, "Mom, thanks for the GREAT vacation!!!" Indeed. :)

Ready to sled!!!

Brooke loved sledding!

Let's go tubing, dude!!!

Self-portrait while we were waiting to tube...


What's the snow without a snow angel?!
The beautiful view at dusk..can't complain!!!

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