Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to God's Family

Better late than never. On January 22, 2011, both Brooke & Will were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and welcomed into what Brooke says to be, "God's Family." It was a more emotional ceremony that I expected. This responsibility is something Scott and I take very seriously. We want to instill faith in our children in hopes they will use their faith to live lives filled with joy, strength, love, compassion and humility. Judging by the way Buddy responded to the water over the head, he has the strength part down but DEFINITELY needs to work on the joy part :)

I hope as parents, we will be able to be good role models for our children so they can continue the faith journey they have just started. Brooke & Will--Welcome to God's Family!!!

Yay! Brookey was a trooper! She loved the ceremony!

It took several different angles for Buddy to be blessed by the Father, Son & Holy Spirit :)

Cousin Time

Being an only child, one of my favorite childhood memories were summers spent in the sweltering Fresno heat with my cousins Corey, Tenaya, Candice and many of my older cousins as well. The younger kids and I would play outside all day long, build tree houses and wreak more havoc on my grandmother's house than she could bear....all in the name of family time. It was pure chaos and pure fun.

So last weekend, I was extremely thankful Brooke and Will got to spend a weekend with their cousins, Olivia and Kate. Chaos, yes, but I will cherish that weekend forever!!! It was just so cute to see them all see their unique personalities and how they interacted. There were bumps, scraps, bloody noses and doors slammed in faces...I think it was all worth it!!! I hope my kids will always grow up to treasure Cousin Time.

Cousin Olivia was there to greet Brookey when she came home from school!

The babies decided they wanted to go topless (Monkey See, Monkey Do...i think Livy started it!)

Beautiful Girls!!!!!!!!!!! Kate & Livy

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