Friday, July 30, 2010

Six Flags

So the kids and I were bored last Thursday so Scott suggested we go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Considering it's literally 5 minutes away and right across the Interstate from us, I packed up the rascals and we were on our way! I have never taken 2 kids to a place of that magnitude by myself (I know, Kate Gosselin and anyone with more than 2 kids would laugh their butt off at that!), but it turned out to be a great success.

Both Brooke and Will had a GREAT time and enjoyed everything from Thomas Town to the Killer Whale show. Brookey's favorite part was the Butterfly House and "doing the airplane ride without Buddy." Buddy's favorite part was the water! The only thing that would have made it better was if Daddy could have joined!

His fave food: "Ei-gum"
The pilot (She insisted Buddy NOT ride with her!)

He LOVES the water. Good thing I packed extra clothes!!

Playing at the water "park" in Thomas Town

Go ahead, make his day.

Happiness is Bugs Bunny!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indiana 2010

Another annual Indiana trip has come and gone--so quickly! Actually, this was one of our longest, action-packed trips to the Midwest to date!!

- Flew into Chicago, spent the night in one of the most AMAZING hotel rooms at the Palmer House...all for $80, I might add...thank you Priceline!!! Brookey said she felt like Eloise on the tippy-top floor :)

- Spent the morning in Chicago, playing in Millennium Park before driving to meet my brother in law and family for lunch Highland Park. Then, off to Wisconsin for the Baptism of Scott's Goddaughter, Gracie!

- 5 hour drive from Wisconsin to Indiana where we spent 8 days hanging out at the lake, going to BBQ's and getting in some quality family time.

The kids both did very well in my opinion given the time change, driving, plane rides and just the general craziness of being away from home. I was stressing out (a lot) before the trip but once we were there, I was pleased to realize how adaptable they really were.

Buddy got very restless on the flight home which was pretty much the fault of Scott and I. We should have stayed in Chicago the night before our flight, but instead we decided to wake up early in Indiana, drive 3 hours to Chicago and get on a 5 hour plane ride. That is A LOT of car seat time for 'Lil Buddy. He did as good as he could do :-)

It was one of our most fun trips yet, even with all the craziness and travel. I know Brookey can't WAIT to go back! She's already asking about next year!!

Playing in the fountain at Chicago's Millennium Park

Buddy likes getting his feet wet :)

Gracie's Baptism

Scott's Goddaughter, Grace Lisbeth


The girls!

Brookey loved the dogs and swimming in the lake

They look like they're high-5'ing, but they're really ready to beat each other up!

Brookey learned to shuck corn! Getting in touch with her Indiana roots!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Global Gathering

We had a great time in Fresno with the extended family for the 4th of July weekend. My aunts, uncles and cousins came from all over the world...from England to Asia to Oregon to L.A. to meet up in Fresno. It was truly a global gathering!! :-) I see most of these wonderful people less than once a year (some I hadn't seen in at least 10 years!) so it's always so great when we can all get together. And new cousins are being added all the time!

As with most 4th of July weekends, the weekend was spent eating and swimming. Brookey is becoming a real fish and Buddy...well, he's just into EVERYTHING.

It was a great weekend!

Our (homemade!) 4th of July cake to celebrate Aunt Deb's b-day!

They're all "white boys" but one of them really fits the bill :-)
Dad and Buddy

The "Twins" Buddy and Dean

The boys + Brookey
Brookey & Cousin Lucas (she claims, "He's cute, but I won't marry him because he's too tall")

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swimming Success!

Well, I never thought I'd see the day when my...shall I say..."wimpy" daughter would finally submerge herself in the water, open her eyes underwater and just be a real FISH! Last summer she'd bob her head in (by herself) about as far as her eyeballs. This summer she passed the Level I test and did 10 fully submerged underwater bobs--easily! What a difference a year makes. I was really beginning to worry if she'd be in Level I until high school. She's also pushing off the side and swimming a little way. Honestly thought I'd never see the day.

Little Buddy somewhat enjoyed his Mommy and Me class. But he's definitely more of a warm-water swimmer. It was hard for BOTH of us to bear the water (even though it was heated) when it was 72 and slightly breezy outside. But overall, he had fun. As much as I complained about it, I will actually miss our morning routine of going to lessons. We might do it again in August!!!

Buddy with his you can tell, he really cares!

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