Sunday, October 1, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ September Edition!

September went FAST. Like, really, really fast! We were thrown into the world of school and soccer and I swear, in a heartbeat it was over! So the words that describe September are school, soccer...and a little bit of theater and cousin love thrown in :)

The month started off right with a visit from our Chicago Cousin!!!

Will proved he was still not too old for the "baby rides!"

These two definitely belonged in JAIL!

His ride on the Merry go Round was a little too hot....

So much Cousin LOVE!!!!

Because I never know what I am going to find around my house..I came downstairs one morning and saw this...that's a headband the baby is wrapped in. #yepthisismylife

Teeth were a big thing this month, too! This one lost her very first tooth!

And after two years, this one got her BRACES OFF!!!

You can find us at the soccer field every Saturday morning! Sarah's team is AMAZING and Will's team is good too...but not as good as Sarah's! HA!

I love this pic that one of Sarah's teachers snapped at school one day! I kept asking her what she bribed Will with......! Sarah LOVES that part of her recess overlaps with her Big Brother's!

Brooke auditioned for a theater company and got in! Not without much DRAMA should have seen her 30 minutes before the audition! Good Lord, I almost thought we were going to have to drive home and call it quits. #dramaqueen

But she got in and I am thrilled for her! Next up is auditions for roles in these two plays!

And on that note, THAT'S A WRAP on September!! Thank goodness October has 31 days...I think that extra day really makes a difference!! HA! Happy Fall!! XOXO

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ August Edition!!!

Where is in the HECK did August go, people??!! Wow--it was pedal to the metal as soon as August 1st hit for whatever reason! We were trying to fit in fun stuff before school started...then school started (SO EARLY!!), soccer season started and the rest is history!!

Here's a recap of the crazy month of August!

Brooke ended her all-summer, everyday theater camp with a final "Works in Progress" show. It's heartwarming to see her do something she truly loves and is passionate about!

Trying to enjoy the last free weekends for awhile, we visited Samuel P. Taylor State Park and played around for the day.

Trying to beat the heat at the water park/pool!

Before-school Kindergarten playdate for these cuties!!

We kicked off the first week of school with outdoor Mass!

And started!!!!!

How do I have a 7th grader?? Or as Scott saying, "6 more years until she's out of the house!":(

Ready to rock 3rd!

And my baby is off!!!

Look at Sarah's sweet Kinder class!!! They are the most adorable kids and she has a GREAT class! I already love them!

Then soccer started! I never get to see Will's practice because he and Sarah have the same practice time! Scott and I are assistant coaching so it's definitely been a juggling act!

Sweet friends :)

She's ready to kick butt!

She was already SICK after her first week of school!! Poor kid! The long days have been exhausting for her but I remember Will and Brooke being the same way. 8-3pm take some getting used to!

She came home from school one day, passed out at 4pm and didn't wake up until 9am the next day. #wipedout

The kids were SUPER bummed to be going back to school but at least at the end of the first week, they had YOSEMITE to look forward to!!!

This place is beautiful beyond belief. We walked from our campsite the first morning to THIS! SOOOO gorgeous and Yosemite Falls in the background!

"El Captain"

We took a pretty long hike on Saturday to Lower Yosemite Falls--the kids were wiped out but were total troopers!

Group selfie before the hike! I can't believe we got everyone in!! LOL!

We spent the rest of the day, HERE on the "beach" watching the kids play. it seriously doesn't get any better!!!

 Last shot on our way out. We didn't want to leave!!!!

These two are ready for soccer season!!! Will a doubleheader and it was STINKING HOT!!!

Go Shooting Stars and Blue Strikers!!!!

I missed this game because they both had 10am games but Brooke did well and took pics and videos for me! She scored 3 goals! I love how she's smiling and laughing in this pic!! HA!

FYI--Sarah's team is LOADED. It's like not even FAIR!!!! (it's all in the coaching) HAHAHA!

 Hot and FLUSHED!!!! Time to hydrate!!!!

Meanwhile....over at Will's game....I noticed his coach was NOT subbing him out the first half. He kept playing and playing and it kept getting hotter and hotter.  He was playing forward which means TONS of running and by the 2nd half, I could totally see him struggling. 

About 5 minutes left in the game, he fell HARD, got up...ran some more...and about a minute later fell to the ground! I was across the field so I didn't see everything that was happening but it was freaking SCARY! He came off the field after a few minutes even though he said he'd go back in even though he couldn't even catch his breath.

The lesson we taught him was that HE HAS TO SPEAK UP!!! His coach was stressed and had no assistants so I don't think he even noticed Will has playing the whole game because he doesn't SAY anything! He just keeps working and never complains!! Well, until he passes out!

The next game was much better. His coach felt really bad but he put him at goalie and defense for a lot of the game so there was very little running involved, thank goodness (it was 100 degrees). He finished the day out scoring 2 goals as striker. Overall, a great day according to him! HA!

And for the record, he wasn't dehydrated. He had been drinking water all morning but playing the whole game with only a quick break is NOT something he has the stamina to do at this point!! LOL!

Well, August is pretty much a wrap!!! Onward to September!! XOXO

Monday, July 31, 2017

Seven on Sunday Weeks 29 + 30

Behind again but I am thinking this every two weeks thing is works better for me :) Here are the camping pictures--we had such a great time! This past week, Brooke finished her 6 week theater camp and I am SO FREAKING PROUD of her!! It's truly amazing how much she grew this summer through this program! I can't say enough good things about Young Rep! She's already planning her classes for next summer!

**Oh, and if there is any question while looking at these pics--YES, BROOKE IS TALLER THAN ME, OK??!! :)

Here are some highlights from camping--it was the best trip!!!

 By the Bixby Bridge:

There was one beach with all of these "forts" someone had built--they had a blast for hours playing in them!

Waiting for the overcast to go away!! Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold at all!

Gotta earn your keep around the campsite!

Sarah found her passion washing dishes!

On top of the world!

Just floatin' down the lazy river...

Woo hoooooo!!!!!! (right before he got stuck on the rock!)

 She had a blast, too!

These two became unlikely besties!

So happy these two are friends!

Selfie at the Bridge: 

Too many years of friendship to count between all of us!!!

Besties :)

We already booked our sites for next year!!!! Counting the days!!

And in other news...

Daddy and Sarah golfing date...

They are ready for soccer season!! Am I??!!

Little Miss Sunshine at Trader Joes :)

A visit to Little Farm and a morning nature hike..

She got her ears "peered" and didn't cry a bit--all smiles!

An almost-end to Brooke's Young Rep theater program. All that is left is a rehearsal and the "final showcase" this Thursday. What a blessing this program has been for her this summer!

Enjoy your week!!

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