Monday, January 20, 2014

See That Girl?

All smiles, hanging innocently from the baby swing? Yep, that 20 month old in the purple jacket. She looks sweet, doesn't she?

Well, this little girl right here just happens to be a one-girl wrecking crew. I swear, she has turned our house (and our lives, for that matter!) upside down!!! At least once a week (day?) Scott and I find ourselves saying: "I don't remember the other kids being this way!"

It so hilarious to see how she can downright TORTURE her brother and sister. "Saraaaahhh!!! GO AWAYYYY!!!!!" is probably the most frequently uttered phrase in our house. Yet, they just love her to pieces and has them in stitches laughing at all of her antics.

I'd be here all night trying to think of all of her crazy antics and personally, I don't want to re-live all of those moments but here are a few of her "likes"...

~ Coloring on dining room furniture

~ Dumping out bins and bins of little toys and legos "just for fun" and of COURSE right after they have been put away. Then, looking proudly at each one of us waiting for our reaction.

~ Eating/tearing up homework.

~ Stealing Buddy's underwear while he's in the bath and running around with them. This causes (of COURSE) a naked chase around the house in pursuit of the underwear.

~ Single-handedly turning our 4 Runner from a decent family car into a complete trash dump, wasteland.

I could go on, but I have to go....I think she's about to steal someone's undies....

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's been too long....

I start off every blog post with "It's been so long since I've written..." Well, this time I'm not going to start off that way... OR promise to blog any more frequently. :) But I do want to give the 6 month update!!!

So to recap, we had a CRAZY first 6 months of 2013! Read the recap here. After all of those wonderful events and milestones, we still went strong, but it wasn't so many big events. Just everyday, busy life with 3 kids! Brooke did soccer this fall which kept us busy, busy, busy. She also took violin lessons. Buddy played flag football. Between those 3 things, we were busy every Saturday and almost every night of the week. Throw in church activities, work, little trips here and there, the holidays....and that's a pretty full schedule. FULL=GOOD. I wouldn't change it for anything. I am just so blessed that I get to share all this special, crazy time with my family and watching the little ones grow before my eyes.

Ok...let's start with a recap of the last 5 months. Here are the highlights...

September: Brookey's MVT (Most Valuable Teammate) award for soccer. Their team was called the Lucky Charms, so the prize was a box of Lucky Charms cereal! LOL!

October: Annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was hot again this year :(

October: Halloween 2013. Where's Waldo, Power Ranger, Cal Cheerleader. Quite the mix :)

November: Thanksgiving and the Annual Family Picture. And yes, Sarah is the crazy one in the family (clearly!!!). More about her in a later post.

November: Perfect day in SF (but of course, the not-so-perfect kid pic!) Thanks, Buddy!

December: Buddy's Preschool Christmas Show

Christmas Eve Mass: That's my baby carrying the cloth to the alter!

Christmas Eve Mass: We didn't take Sarah! Poor baby!

Christmas Morning: I love this picture. I think this is the way I will always see my kids. Even when they are 35, I will always see them exactly how they look in this picture. No fancy clothes or nice backgrounds. Just them. Happy as clams on Christmas morning.

2013 was a great year!!! Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for the Rooney Party of 5!

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