Monday, March 26, 2012


Usually when I am "overwhelmed" it is synonymous for STRESSED!! Too many things to do, not enough hours in the day, type of stress. And believe me, I have been feeling that A LOT lately!! This weekend, I have to say that I was overwhelmed in a positive way, for once! I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the love and friendship I am surrounded by.

After church on Sunday, our friends surprised Scott and I with a baby shower!! I didn't expect this at all, considering it's our third child and all! I was actually so surprised and shocked that I started getting all misty eyed knowing what everyone did to pull this off!! I know, preggo hormones do crazy things!! But most (maybe ALL) of my friends who live close by have waaaaay busier lives than I do...more kids, more activities, stressful jobs, travel schedules, you name it. They are a BUSY group. The fact that everyone was there (husbands and all-to support Scott!!), made everything even more touching.

It was a great day and it was nice that Baby #3 will have some NEW stuff vs. all the "third child" hand me downs!!! We got stocked with diapers for awhile, too! I started putting everything away and things actually, FINALLY seem "ready" at home. Brookey has a brand new room, things are organized....but more on that later...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Buddy's Birthday in Sacramento!

We celebrated Will's 3rd birthday in good 'ol Sacramento, California. Although this city leaves a lot to be desired in more ways than one, we had a GREAT "stay-cation" in the capitol city!

Scott and the kids started off the morning by taking their very first (real) train ride!! They took Amtrack from a station very near our house to downtown Sacramento. I drove, and the train beat me!!! They had a great time on the 50 min ride. Now I have all these grand notions to take the kids to Canada on the train because they had such a good time. Ha! Maybe when they're older :)

The trains didn't end there. After the ride, we walked over to the California State Railroad Museum, which was actually a really cool experience! Buddy LOVED it because there was one floor of just trains, trains and more trains. Beautifully restored and they even let you walk though some of them. All the workers there were dressed up in 19th century clothing. Then upstairs, it was all Thomas the Train stuff. Little Boy heaven....definitely equivalent to a room full of Disney Princess crap for a 3 year old girl :)

After the train museum we had lunch, checked into the Marriott and walked around Capitol Park and inside the Capitol Building. I don't think I've been inside the Capitol Building since our 4th grade field trip! It's pretty cool, and the outside of the building is beautiful. Glad those tax dollars are hard at work for Capitol Beautification, if nothing else!!!

We all had a great time hanging out and relaxing this weekend. We ended the night with pizza and (you guessed it) a Thomas the Train birthday cake. Not a bad weekend for a 3 year old!!!

Their train tickets!

Getting ready to board the train!

At the Railroad Museum

Train Heaven!

The boys at the Capitol

Woo Hoo for Solano County!!

Capitol Park

Friday, March 9, 2012

He's 3!!!

My baby boy turned 3 this past week and I still don't know where the time goes!!! Even though he claims he's a "big boy," I think he'll still always be my 'lil Buddy...just like Brookey is still my "baby" even though her legs are longer than mine now.

He got a brand new big boy bike for his birthday. We figured it was time, since he was riding his trike around the neighborhood at 50 miles an hour. I guess he was hinting that he needed something more man-ly :)

Within minutes, he was riding his new bike around and racing his sister up and down the driveway like he'd been riding for years. I don't think we dared put Brookey anywhere near a bike until at least age 4. She didn't attempt 2 wheels until age 5, however I think Buddy will demand his training wheels come off very shortly (so he can go faster).

Happy Birthday, my Little Bubba!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

William Riley Rooney at

Birthday Boy!

It literally seems like last WEEK, I was doing Buddy's 2 year video and now my little sidekick is turning three!!!! Truly amazing!

I've decided from now on, I am just going to do a Rooney Kids Year in Review at the end of each year. I love doing these videos, but I am finding that I am using some of the same pics for each kid's why not just compile ONE vs. THREE :)

Much to my delight, Buddy's birthday festivities will NOT involve a party, but a little staycation this weekend with the family. More details later :) In the meantime, I'm just enjoying spending time with my "little boy." I have truly enjoyed my time with Buddy on my days off...something I never really had with Brookey. He's my little sidekick and we go everywhere together. I will be so sad when he starts preschool!! Whenever that will be...

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!!!

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