Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 14 ~ Cruise Edition!

Ok, so it's not SUNDAY but.....last week it was all about our little spring break cruise to Ensenada! Here are some pics from our awesome vaca!

A good vaca starts with a fun pedi :)

...and In and Out!

We drove to Long Beach and boarded the ship around noon.

 The view from our room while we're still docked. Sooooo pretty!!

But the kids were just ready for the water slides!

Growing up too fast!
I always wanted twins! LOL! This is the next day after Brooke got her hair braided.
The next day we got up and the ship was docked in Mexico! The kids had  garbage cereal for breakfast...because they could!!!!

 On the bus to the down on Ensenada!
 Buddy LOVES selfies!!
 We took a horse and buggy down to the beach, which I don't think a lot of tourists do! It was so much fun and the beach was beautiful..but too cold to swim!
 Everyone say "Churros!!" When in Rome...
Seriously, best Churro, EVER!
Since we were having lunch on the ship, we didn't want to eat too much ...but I HAD to try a fish taco!!! We got 3 of these tacos and a beer for $7. #bestlunchever

She got her hair braided!!!!!
 That night, we took advantage of the shows. This one was a classic rock show and it was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I was SO impressed by the talent they bring on the ship...they performers were amazing. And I think Sarah found her inner rocker :)

Dolphin watching off out balcony!

OK, there are so many more pics but I need to cut it short here, peeps!! Because this week..IT'S MOVING WEEK!!! I might be MIA for a week or so while we get our new place in order but I will DEFINITELY be posting pics!!!

See you soon and wish me luck!! XOXOOXO

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