Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 46

Day 1: Sunday ~ This is the kind of picture you get when you give your 4 year old your phone..seriously?

Day 2: Monday ~ Oregon Trail! Ran across this gem at Target! I can't wait to see how it compares to the 30 year old computer version!!!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Crazy day! My alarm didn't go off and it was literally the first time I hadn't worked out on a "regular" weekday in over a year! Sarah and I got in a workout after work! Tricep push ups with her on my back? KILLER.

Day 4: Wednesday ~ I loved watching this kid on the soccer field for the Coach's Invitational. It was FREEZING but it was still fun :) Sad soccer season is over...i LOVE being a soccer mom--but also I feel like I can breathe a small sign of relief as we get a break from the weekend chaos. :)

Day 5: Thursday ~ You don't wear your bathing suit when it's 50 degrees outside?

Day 6: Friday ~ Celebrated Brooke's first place FIRE BLAZERS!! I can not say enough about her coaches over the last 4 years. They have been 100% top notch. I wouldn't say she had the best season overall, but she went from not wanting to play AT ALL last summer, to itching for next season already--that ALL has to do with her coaches.

Side note--their season statistics were MIND BLOWING! They only allowed 6 goals ALL SEASON! It 10++ games. 3 of them came in ONE game at the beginning of the season....the rest of the season, only 3 goals were scored on them. I couldn't believe that stat!! Again #greatcoaching

Day 7: Saturday ~ This was Friday but whatever---so last week we went to the Dr and he screened her eyes and said they were pretty bad and that she needed to get checked out. She hasn't been to the eye Dr in 2 years because her eyes were fine then and she never complained.

Well, come to find out, she's practically BLIND!!! She's A LOT. She just really never noticed it until we started pointing things out to her that she couldn't see. The OD said these drastic changes can happen during growth spurts which she just had.

So anyway--she picked out some super cute Ray Ban frames and will have glasses now for the rest of her life. #thankstechnology #thatglowingscreen

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 45

Day 1: Sunday ~ Annual Family Pic time! It went pretty smoothly but as usual, it's always a little stressful wrangling these 3 to look, smile and act like normal people while the camera in on! LOL!

This was one of my faves :) (one of the few Brookey decided to show her braces!)

 My Crew :)

Sisters :)

Day 2: Monday ~ Sarah and I decided to bake some blueberry muffin cookies! She loves to help in the kitchen.

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Election Day! Geez. What can I say? Chaos. I am glad my kids got to experience the process. They were very interested in everything that was going on.

We took them to the polls before school ~

Will's class had their own "mock election" too...Pokeman vs. Legos! They studied the "issues," had debates and voted on Tuesday! Here's ever-serious Will casting his ballot!

This is about how I felt the whole day! We do not share our political views with our kids. If they ask, we try to give as much of a topline, fair and balanced overview as we can about things. I do not want them to be the kids at school who talk and sound just like their parents. When they're old enough , they will develop their own opinions. For now, most kids just say whatever their parents say and I can't stand that (that could be dangerous for us, too!! LOL!)

Day 4: Wednesday ~ It was the end of the trimester for Brooke and poor thing studied for HOURS (like 5-6!) for her end of the trimester final exams. All I have to say is if we never see another topographic map in our lives, Brooke and I would both be fine.

Day 5: Thursday ~ We didn't have school today and we had NO PLANS! It was awesome! Brooke spent the night at a friend's house and Sarah went to see Trolls with her friend.

Day 6: Friday ~ Every Friday evening, I get to spend over an hour in the car with this girl taking her to an acting/musical theater class. I never complain about the drive (or the fact that it's FRIDAY NIGHT) because it's uninterrupted time with my daughter. She's growing up SO FAST and I appreciate any time we can spend together, just us.

And as a side note, she LOVES the Musical Theater class, so I could never say no to taking her. She auditioned for, and got the part of the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella...performance will be Dec 9th!! I love that she LOVES this!

Day 7: Saturday ~ End of the season  for Brooke's Fireblazers! They finished the season in first place with one loss. Her team was incredible, although I feel her heart wasn't really into this year. I thought she was going to give up on soccer all together but she's already taking about next year, sooooo we'll see :)

"Fireblazers! Feel the Burn!!"

Will thought he had his last game last week but a rained delayed game got rescheduled! Plus we found out he's playing in the All Star game..which is SO EXCITED about!!

Not a great pic because it was almost dark but he had a goal and then played goalie and saved a few. THE WON!!!!! SHOCKING!!! It was a great way to end his otherwise crappy season :) I swear, this may have been their only win despite having some REALLY good players.

That's a wrap!!! Cheers to a great week! XO

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 44

Day 1: Sunday ~ It was me against the playroom today!!! I cleared out TONS of junk! We got a new couch for this room and plan on a few more touches to make it more like an actual ROOM and not a garbage dump :) The "before" pic is just can't get the full picture though, because I took it when there wasn't a toy explosion everywhere!! "After" pics coming soon!

 "Before" pic--AFTER coming soon!

Day 2: Monday ~ Halloween on a Monday??! Uggghhhh!!!  My crazy crew!!!

Honest Abe at the school parade ~

 Crazy People!

I think she plays the role well!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Considering it was the day after Halloween....i think we were all dead! Sooooo! No pic :)

Day 4: Wednesday ~ No rest for the weary...Preschool play date, 7:15 pm soccer game...followed by staying up until 11pm to see the CUBS WIN!!!!!!!

Love these girls!

We're kinda done with soccer season..just sayin'...

He stayed up to watch history being made but as he was watching, he asks, "Hey can you hand me my spelling words..i need to study."

Day 5: Thursday ~ I could barely keep my eyes open at work but Brooke could! She had an annual Fun Run at school, followed by ANOTHER SOCCER GAME!

SDS Annual Fun Run!

Another game! Luckily this one was earlier than last nights!

Day 6: Friday ~ One of those days I look at my calendar and "to do" list and wonder how I am going to make it through the day! Errands in the morning, 12:00 school pick up, orthodontist appointment, Will had a soccer party, Brooke's theater class....let's just say the day ended with #wine.

And somehow we managed to squeeze in some Whole Foods pizza :)

Day 6: Saturday ~ Will's soccer season ended...thank God. He played AMAZING and he plays his little heart out, but unfortunately his team was awful and there were some (many) coaching issues. I feel really bad for his team--there were a few great players and I feel like they wasted the season. Onward to next year!

We have two days off school next week so I am HOPING for a less um.."exciting" week!!!

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