Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Lately...

Opening Day Ceremonies...let the season begin! Gooo Iron Pigs!
Lucky Number 8

Fun at the park with sweet Sarah Marie
Winemakers dinner with great friends
Brother and sister fun on St. Patty's day
Showing how much they love the new rug!
Trying a new 'do
Happy girl !
My big girl is growing up too fast!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Will Turns 5!!!

Well, my only son is 5 years old!! He hasn't had a real birthday "party" since he turned 1, so after lots of begging and pleading, we finally gave in.

We had his party at a private "bounce house" place with 16 of his closest friends. I have to say, it was awesome. Lots of fun...and EASY! I hardly had to lift a finger to prepare for the party...and once we were there, all I did was have fun with the kids and my adult friends!

Will is the perfect middle child. He's ALL boy and very active, but also a rule follower. The world his black and white to him with no in between. It's either allowed or it's not. He rarely tries to bend the rules. While his older sister is outside the box and creative, he is very much inside the box, and excels in things having to do with numbers, building and just generally "figuring things out."

He loves any type of physical activity and plays T-ball, football and soccer (depending on the season!). He's skinny and fast...tracking at the 75th percentile in height and weight.  He also loves Power Rangers and Legos of any kind. I find it amazing all the things he can build with Legos without any help.

He and Brookey balance each other out like an old married couple...his Yin to her Yang. This causes fireworks a lot of the time, but also so much fun and camaraderie. He looks up to his big sister and currently says he's going to live next door to her when she moves out of the house :) I love this kid so much it hurts!! Happy Big 5, Buddy!!!

Crazy Kids!
Fun on the Big Slide!
Sarah had an awesome time, too!

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