Wednesday, September 22, 2010

18 Month Stats

Our little active outdoorsman is still growing well, despite the fact that he hardly eats anything!! (one of those phases, i guess!)

At his 18 month appointment he weighed in at 28lbs (75th percentile) and 32.5 inches (50th percentile). People say he looks big, but I think he's a pretty normal size for a boy. When Brookey was 18 months, I swear she was wearing Size 3T! Buddy still fits comfortably into 18 month clothes. I put him into 24 month jeans today and he kinda looks like a gangsta with his pants on the ground!! :)

Our Doctor has this new computer program and now he prints out all the notes he writes during the appointment, along with all of the appointment information like height weight, shots given, etc. In the notes section, Buddy's read: "Brought in by Mom. He is very active." :) Thanks for the observation, Doc :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Berkeley 5K

So I finally got off my butt and decided to run a little bit. This was originally supposed to be a little **fun** run but once I got out there, I really wanted to do well and actually RUN the whole way. Lord knows the last time I actually RAN 3 miles....maybe when I was 21. My goal was 10 min miles, so mission accomplished! :)

The "race" was...well, BERKELEY. I'll just say that. All the people and the "scene" kept us laughing the whole time, so it was a ton of fun! I'll definitely be signing up for some more 5k's...maybe 10k's soon!! Probably not in Berkeley, though :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church Pictures

So we had to get our picture taken for the church directory. As usual, the family picture was a cheesy disaster (except for Buddy who had the best smile EVER!). But I thought the one below of Brooke & Will turned out well--it was truly a MIRACLE the photographer got Buddy to smile--only in church :)

Our first day of school picture also made the church bulletin this week (bottom pic)! We're moving up in the world! Haha!!!

Little Angels :)

We have shaved all his hair off since this picture. I couldn't handle styling TWO heads of hair (not including my own!) every morning!

Kiss, Kiss! Don't think so, Sis!! GET LOST.
Church Bulletin Pic

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mommy & Me "School"

My friend and I found this great little once a week class for little toddlers that simulates "preschool." They do circle time, songs, arts and crafts, outside time and learn about their numbers, colors, ABC's, etc. Parents stay with kids and play with them.

At first I was a little worried because Buddy has never really done any type of "structured" activities....he's not one to really sit still for more than 10 seconds. But he made it through the entire 3 hours with no major incidents! He loved music time sat through the entire circle and story time.

It was great having a Mommy friend there, too...we had a great time as well! I wondered, "Why didn't I ever do this with Brooke??" Oh, yeah, cuz I worked!!!! :)

He likes the kitchen!

Snack Time!!

Beep, Beep!

His buddy, Sophie

Time for Art!

Look what I made!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

18 Months

Sometimes I wish time would just sloooow down a little...please! I can't believe 'Lil Old Buddy is 18 months already! I consider 18 months officially a "toddler" as opposed to 12 months. Buddy wasn't "toddling" too well at 12 months!

Even though he's getting older, he's still definitely "a baby" in our eyes. Scott and I always comment how Brookey seemed to just explode in her physical, emotional and cognitive development since the day she was born. At 18 months she was singing songs and already had well over 100 words in her vocabulary. Buddy....not so much.

He still likes to cuddle on the floor with milk and his blankie, play with baby toys and his favorite words are still "that," "no," "dog," "Ma," (means blanket), "I-Gum" (ice cream)...and several other words that have meaning but aren't real words. But the kid understands every word you say. Even if we mention the word "go" just in passing, he's off trying to put on his shoes and collect his blankie and sippy cup...he thinks we're going somewhere!

He'll get there with his words someday. Physically, he is SUPER active..loves to run, tumble off stuff, climb and be outside. He's already had more giant bumps on his head that I can count, bloody noses and at the moment he has a fat lip from ramming himself into a bookcase. As much as I used to complain about Brooke's cautiousness, now I'm beginning to see the benefit in having a child who actually THINKS before they act!!

Ah, Buddy. He's our little work in progress. :) Overall, he's a great kid...he sometimes throws (very) weak temper tantrums that last about 10 seconds and he'll definitely test us--but this is nothing new for this age. The kid takes a 2+ hour nap and goes to bed a 6pm every night. I really can't complain!

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