Sunday, May 31, 2015

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 22

Day 1: Sunday ~ It was a fun Memorial Day weekend and of course, burgers on the grill were in order! We mixed things up a little and didn't do the "traditional" burger....get the "recipe" HERE. Seriously, best burger ever!!!

Day 2: Monday ~ Memorial Day. Spent the day in Napa! Had an awesome picnic at Frank Family, candy store in Calistoga, then a leisurely drive home--we had to stop and get a pic of this flag amongst the vineyards. :)

Kiddos at Frank Family

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Daddy's away, so it's pizza and ice cream for dinner! :) You can tell Will LOVES when I take pics! He purposely made that face.

Day 4: Wednesday ~ When I forget a picture, I do a quote. I LOVE this one! Makes you think :)

Day 5: Thursday ~ So you guys know I love my job. It has it's low points, but I just LOVE helping kids who need that "little extra" help. Today my kindergartners brought me to tears! I was just informally, randomly testing them on word blending and reading and 4 months ago, none of my kinders could blend letter sounds into words. Today, all 5 of my kiddos could do it!! I was so stinkin' proud of them!!! Hopefully they didn't notice my tears!! LOL!

Day 6: Friday ~Sarah was showing off for her Auntie Jenna saying she was a boy (that's her brother's shirt!). That girl...

Day 7: Saturday ~ We spent the day in Sonoma celebrating my sister in law's 40th birthday! Wow--what a wonderful house they rented!! Complete with a pool, hot tub, egg laying chickens and a zip line!!! SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

This view...

View from the pool--crazy!!

Kids had a BLAST!!!!

Happy birthday, sister!!!

I'm exhausted from this week!!!! See ya back here tomorrow for my Summer Skin Care Faves!!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Best Summer Burger

Ok, so grilling season is upon us and burgers just seem like our go-to whenever the weather is nice and we want something yummy on the grill. I've never had a BAD burger on the really doesn't get much better than the smell of a juicy burger being cooked outside. However, we recently tried a few different things to mix up our summer burgers and HOLY BBQ-SAUCE Batman, these burgers were Uh-MAZING!

This burger is not made with some fancy method, marinade or anything super "special"--therefore I don't have an exact "recipe" per se. However, I will share with you a few things we did that made these burgers off-the-charts delicious!!

Best Summer Burger

1. Organic 85/15 Hamburger ~ Listen, I know I'm from California, but truth be told, everything I buy is not organic!! :) It was a friend who actually went with me to Costco late one night (long story) and forced me to try organic hamburger meat. She said we'd never go back to regular. She was right. The meat had a different taste and was just so. darn. good.

2. Kings Hawaiian Burger Buns: I didn't even know they made such a thing! I grew up eating King's sweet Hawaiian bread and I love it! Their burger buns are soft and have a touch of sweetness, too. SOOOO GOOD!

3. Toppings: We mixed up the toppings a bit and strayed from the typical ketchup/mustard/lettuce/tomato and topped our burger with this:

~ BBQ Sauce: Just a little, slathered on both buns
~ Sauteed onions: I just cooked one large, thinly sliced onion in a little olive oil for 10-15 minutes.
~ Avocado: Need I say more?
~ Bacon: Yep
~ Lettuce and Tomato: Just to keep it traditional :)

It's something about the good quality meat, sweetness of the buns and BBQ sauce, creaminess of the avacado, saltiness of the bacon...all of those awesome flavors on one plate!

There you go! Best summertime burger ever!!!

I forgot to post last week's recipe, Crunchy Noodle Salad on Facebook and Instagram, so if you missed it, you can find it HERE. It's a delicious summertime salad and perfect for picnics and potlucks!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Perfect Summer Dress ~ Two Ways

Happy Wednesday, lovely ladies! I am so excited because today I am co-hosting a link-up over at one of my favorite blogs, Pumps and Push Ups. In addition to their awesome health/fitness/beauty/fashion blog, these two beautiful sister-in-laws also have an online boutique with the CUTEST items (and super reasonable prices)! One of which happens to be my new favorite dress!!

BLue Summer Dress Two Ways

You KNOW that I love, love "versatile" pieces of clothing that can be worn multiple ways. This dress can go from semi-formal dinner, to everyday running around in a snap--it's amazing!

Here's my "semi-formal" look...perfect for a nice dinner out, date night, cocktail party...

BLue Summer Dress Two Ways

BLue Summer Dress Two Ways

For this look, I just wore a bright statement necklace and threw on some heels. DONE! 

Dress: Pumps and Push Ups
Necklace: Option
Clutch: Similar, Similar
Bracelets: Similar, Similar
Heels: Payless (exact)

BLue Summer Dress Two Ways

Just by changing my shoes and necklace I have a whole different look! This dress is so soft and comfy, that I would totally throw it on as an "everyday" summer dress and even wear it with my Converse! It would also be great layered with a denim jacket and cardigan. Endless possibilities, I tell you!

Dress: Pumps and Push  Ups
Beaded Necklace: Similar, Similar, Similar
Sandals: Target (similar)
Pyramid Stud Earrings: Exact
Crossbody Bag: Similar, Similar, Similar

If you want to order this dress (and you DO), click HERE. The measurements are listed on the website and I have found  them accurate. I am wearing a Small. One last thing about Pumps and Push Ups...I call Brooke (the Co-Founder) "Miss Nordstrom" because #1--They offer free shipping and returns and #2--Their customer service is top-notch. Any question I had was answered almost immediately. They were also so helpful in choosing sizes, colors, etc for my dress. I can't say enough good things about these gals!

Are you thinking..."What a great sponsored post!!" LOL! Surprise! This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way by Pumps and Push Ups and all opinions are 100% my own. I just really want to support these gals and all the great things they are doing! How often can you get Nordstrom-Style customer service these days??! Not often!

Oh, and in the spirit of keeping in real, here is an outtake of me yelling at my poor husband to hurry up and take the pics because I was FREEZING!!!! #keepingitreal #bloggerlife

Have an awesome day and don't forget to link up!!!!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mom Style Files ~ Volume 3 + Link Up

Happy Monday! The month is coming to a close (nope, can't believe it...again!) and it's time for another edition of Mom Style Files. If you are new to this blog, I do a Mom Style Files post near the end of each month. The goal of my "wardrobe" posts are always to give approachable, wearable outfits/styling ideas for busy gals (moms in particular, but anyone else too!!) As I've mentioned before, I don't show any outfits the blog that I haven't worn (or would wear) "in real life." You can read past Mom Style Files posts here:

Mom Style Files ~ Volume 1
Mom Style Files ~ Volume 2

I'm also co-hosting a link up with the beautiful Rhea from Rhea, Etc..she's the skirt and dress queen! Check her out and link up below! 

Here are a few of my "real life" outfits this month...

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms

Outfit 1 ~ Yep, I did it. I bought (and wore..a lot!) track pants/soft pants/palazzo pants...whatever you want to call them. I said I would never buy into this "pajama trend," but as soon as I put these on, it was all over!! I blame Costco and their excellent return policy, so I knew even if I hated them, I could easily return them. Yes, I got them at COSTCO!

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Tee ~ Stem/Nordstrom (exact)
Pants ~ Coscto (similar, similar)
Heels ~ Similar
Necklace: Kendra Scott/Nordstrom (exact)

Outfit 2 ~ Here's the "low end" top I showed you last week! :) Instead of "high end" shorts this time, I paired it with another low end item--boyfriend jeans from Old Navy :)

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Floral Top ~ Sold out but 6 options HERE (scroll to the bottom)
Jeans ~ Old Navy (exact)
Sandals ~ Kinda Sorta Similar

Outfit 3 ~ You might not think to wear gray jeans in the spring, but paired with pink and florals, it totally works! I love taking fall/winter items and making them springy!

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Gray Jeans ~ Loft (exact)
Top ~ Japana/TJ Maxx (option, option)
Flats ~ Similar
Necklace ~ Kendra Scott/Nordstrom (exact)

Outfit 4 ~ Jeans and sandals--it's been CHILLY here in Northern California but I refuse to give up on spring! I HAD to wear sandals..even with a jacket! :)

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Jeans ~ Wit and Wisdom/Nordstrom (exact, on sale!!!!)
Yellow Tee ~  similar, similar
Field Jacket ~Similar
Sandals ~ Target (exact)
Necklace ~Similar

Outfit 5 ~ I wore this on Mother's Day. I finally found the perfect pink gingham shirt after a year-long search!
Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Gingham Shirt ~ Similar, Similar
Maxi Skirt ~H&M (exact)

Outfit 6 ~ Same tee as in Outfit 3, just remixed in a different way.

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Yellow Tee ~  similar, similar
Gray Skirt ~ Loft (similar, similar, similar)
Beaded Necklace ~ Target (exact)
Watch ~ Fossil (similar)
Sandals ~ Similar 

Outfit 7 ~ This was one of those random outfits I just threw together one day when I was in the "i have nothing to wear", pink, orange..i dunno...i thought it worked!!

Mom Style Files Easy Outfits for Moms
Green Sweater ~ option
Jeans ~ Wit and Wisdom/Nordstrom (exact, on sale!!!!)
Necklace ~  Option
Coral Flats ~ Payless (exact, in orange)

That's a wrap of this month's edition of Mom Style Files! Now get linking!

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Day 1: Sunday ~ Just another Sunday night playing "tie up the sibling."

Day 2: Monday ~ Today she learned how to take a selfie. I'm so proud!! LOL!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Fun with her friends at her babysitters house! That yard!!!!

Day 3: Wednesday ~ Quote of the week :)
 Day 4: Thursday ~ Celebrating my bday with some dear my girlfriends! Don't know where the group shot one sent that one to me!!!

Day 5: Friday ~This kid lost another tooth!

Day 6: Saturday ~Shopping, haircut and fun with friends!

Shopping with some (old) bday money! Thanks Pops and Gramma Melly!!

 She got 6 inches cut off!
 These crazies!
Have a great week!

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