Monday, February 29, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Recap + ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hey Friends!!

February has come and gone and so has another Create28! I am recapping all of the fun looks today and make sure you scroll to the bottom to read a very important message :)

First up, the recap of MY outfits for the month! I will be honest, as much as I love piling on layers and wearing boots and scarves, winter is my LEAST favorite season to dress for. At the first sign of cool weather I get giddy to wear boots and scarves but after about a month, frankly I am over it! Bring on spring! LOL!

Can you guess my two favorite outfits???

Yep! The ones involving jeans and boots!!! And vests, of course. The outfits just speak to me because they are comfortable, practical yet the vests give it that "not too frumpy, not too trendy" look :)

Now let's move on to my amazing blogging buddies who shared their looks! I chose gals whose style is very similar to mine and I definitely think this shows through in their posts!

First up were Brooke & Erica from Pumps and Push Ups with their oh-so-adorable rainboots look!

Jeans, cargo, stripes...girls after my own heart!! Read their entire post HERE.

Sarah, from Foxy's Domestic Side also shared her "Simple Me" look. I have to say, Sarah and I are cut from the same cloth. I LOVE how she showed a simple colored shorts outfit as being "simply her." YES TO COLORED SHORTS, SARAH!!! Bring them on!!!

And her simple jeans, tee + cute necklace/shoes outfit makes all the sense in the world for busy moms like us who want to look cute, comfy and put together! You can read Sarah's entire post HERE.

Last, but certainly not least was fellow busy mama Shaunacey from Simply Shaunacey. Shaunacey just had a baby and go ahead and be in awe of how AMAZING she looks! I know I am!

I asked her to style olive pants and she shows just how versatile they can be! They are perfect for a date night OR a fun Saturday!! You can read her entire post HERE.


And now on the the announcement!!! It's very difficult to write this, but it's been weighing on my heart for several months--this will be the final "non family" post on A Little Bit of Cheer. My Seven on Sunday family posts will still continue however it's time for me to close this chapter in my blogging life:)

As I am sure you can all relate, life gets busy and while blogging was an AMAZING journey of creativity and FUN, I have recently taken on new responsibilities that I feel passionately about--which leaves little time for blogging.

Some of you might know I recently became a health and fitness coach and have been working my business from home for the past few months. It is something that has taken off and I feel SO GOOD about helping people live healthy lives. I truly need to dedicate more time to this, because it is not only helping others, it is helping ME both personally and financially.

It's been an amazing ride and I thank each and every one of you guys from the bottom of my heart. Your sweet comments and emails always made my day. I welcome all of you to friend me on Facebook  or Instagram so we can keep in touch!

My amazing friends Carrie and Whitney will still keep the link up going, so no worries there! Visit their blogs every Monday for your link up!!

I might not be an official blogger anymore, but I am not all know where to find me!!! Feel free to drop me an email anytime, too:

Thank you again for all of your support. XOXOXO

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 9

Day 1: Sunday ~ Sundays are starting to be super busy days for us! Brooke has a basketball game almost every Sunday afternoon and in the morning I work in the new church "nursery" or teach Sunday School.

First basketball game-i was definitely not prepared for the excitement!!! Not sure a basketball scholarship is in her future, but Brookey sure is having fun and bonding with her teammates. She has awesome friends and I am so blessed for that!!!

It was super loud in the gym and I thought it was so cute how Sarah just held on to Daddy :)

Working with the little toddlers in the new church daycare! Sarah loves going. She could probably run the place :)

Day 2: Monday ~ Most people can't stand Mondays but I LOVE Mondays because it's one of my days off and I get to spend it with this crazy ball of energy! She loves dressing up in anything she can find so today it was a ballet dress and a sleeping mask!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ It was a rough week across the board, but this quote definitely helped pick me up! If you can't change it, deal with it!! #toughlove

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Brooke had BB practice so these two clowns and I did a few errands and made some wishes in the fountain. I am sure Buddy's had to do with money to buy Skylanders and Sarah's had something to do with candy. :) And yes, she insisted on wearing her sleeping mask the whole time!

Day 5: Thursday ~ When you get dragged around, sometimes you just gotta pass out :)

Day 6: Friday ~ "Crazy" pretty much always sums up Friday night at our house!

Day 7: Saturday ~ We all look totally possessed but so glad I got to hang with some besties for my friend's 40th bday!

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Create28 Winter ~ Jackets with Carrie

Well, this is it friends! The last day of Create28 Winter Friends Edition. Tomorrow I'll recap my looks here and Whitney and Casey will do the same on their blogs. It's hard to believe how quickly this month has flown by but I'm fairly confident we all are waiting impatiently for March to enter. What I mean by that is spring is at the gates...YES! Last year I featured several of my favorite jackets that I want to share them again today. Typically, I love a good denim jacket. I have both blue and black, which I wear often. They are perfect alternatives to cardigans. Before I started on a no-shopping challenge, I was able to find a blazer and I have loved it's versatility this season. I find it another alternative to my constant cardigan wearing. But last year I searched and searched and could not find one so I purchased another jacket instead. That piece is in several looks from last year's favorite jackets in this post. rp_floral-681x1024.jpg This little moto style jacket was perfect for me and created a variety of looks. It's one of my favorites and my blazer alternative from last year. Dressy Look Jacket Skirt & Jacket Since I've shared earlier in the series about vests {here} I thought I would just focus one jacket with this post. It is a lightweight camo military jacket. Again, I tried to find just the military green vest or jacket but could not find one. After searching what felt like forever, I settled on this camo one instead. I've worn it quite a bit and am happy with it. jacket This look ended up being a little more muted than I had hoped but I would still wear because I just love neutrals. The interest comes from the little pattern mixing. camo jacket Well, friends that's a wrap on all of our prompts this month. Hope you'll add your jacket or vest looks on Instagram and hashtag #create28winterlooks. Remember tomorrow is the recap. Hope you'll stop back and see everything we featured this month. week 4

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Olive Pants with Shaunacey

Hi! I'm Shaunacey and I'm soooo excited to be here!! I'm a mom of 2 busy kiddos and am constantly fighting a battle with the frump. I blog over at Simply Shaunacey about fashion, family and life in general.

When Casey asked me to contribute to Create28 I was almost sure she emailed the wrong person lol. I'm a formerly frumpy mommy of 2 super cute kiddos.

My style is pretty casual and needs to work with chasing around the littles!

I chose to style olive pants because I kind of love colored jeans but for some strange reason I have found it challenging to to style my olive pants. So for you guys, I'm getting it done! I even decided I would forgo the iphone mirror selfies and take some pics with my 'good' camera.

Here are a few ways I'll be styling my olive pants:

For a date:

Olive pants aside, the fur vest is another piece I love but struggle with. Why not get completely crazy? Plus, date night/afternoon is pretty much the only time I can get away with wearing this vest (fur and teething/drooling babies who put everything in their mouth do NOT mix - just an FYI).

Throw on some gold accessories and you're good to go!!
See how I have previously styled my fur vest here and here.

For warmer weather:

This look is a little more spring-y. I hope all you warm-weather folks will enjoy it. In the meantime, I'm up here in Canada reeling from a huge dumping of snow. Now is NOT the time to remind everyone that we don't all live in igloos... because... well... snow.

I LOVE my demin jacket. I am pretty sure I have had this since highschool (which is way longer ago than I'm willing to admit at this current moment). It's a wardrobe staple and I'm so glad it survived so many closet purges!

Plus, how perfect is it with olive pants?! Score!


A big giant THANK YOU to Casey for asking me to be a part of this!! I love what you ladies are doing!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Outerwear with Whitney

It's slightly ironic that I'm writing a post about outerwear on a day that I don't plan to leave my apartment.  I have been curled up with a good book, my favorite coffee and Girl Scout Cookies all day because we have a SNOW DAY (our first this year...thanks, Mother Nature)!

But, with the exception of today, outerwear is a huge part of my wardrobe during the winter months.  Actually, it seems almost silly to worry about a cute outfit while running errands these days because it stays hidden the entire time.  A cute coat, on the other hand?  Now that is a smart style investment when you spend your winter in a colder climate!

There are so many cute coats out there!  And while I'll admit to having more than one, I do try to resist the temptation to buy all the adorable coats on the market.  I mean, how many coats does one girl truly need?

One way that I resist that coat temptation is to change-up my coat looks with fun cold-weather accessories!  First, choose a good quality coat that you love.  My parents purchased this plum number from Land's End for me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I love the rich color that adds interest but is still classic enough to work at various occasions and for years to come.

I wear this cozy knit, winter white accessory set when I'm going to a nicer event or evening out.  The traditional look and neutral color lends an air of class to the ensemble and doesn't clash with the dressier clothes that I have on underneath.  You won't find this exact set in stores because my grandma knit these pieces for me!  Isn't she talented?!  I enjoy choosing outerwear accessories that have sentimental value because it makes going outside in the cold a little bit more fun!

This is more of an everyday outerwear look for me!  The pieces are super functional and warm but I think they are still pretty cute and fun.  And again with the sentimental value, I purchased these mittens in Iceland so wearing them reminds me of a fun travel adventure!

And finally, this is more of a statement look.  I would wear this to an activity where I'm spending significant amounts of time outside and my outerwear look is doing the talking.  The bold colors are super fun and really change the look of the coat from the last two photos.

What outerwear are you wearing this winter?  Do you practically live in a coat or are you in a warmer climate where it's only sometimes necessary?  Do you own lots of coats or do you change up your looks with accessories?

My snow day companion and photo shoot assistant is the best! #crazycatlady

Don't forget to share your Create28 looks with us at our Monday link-up or on Instagram (#create28winterlooks)!  And this season's challenge is almost complete!  Join us tomorrow to see how Shaunacey styles olive pants!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Mixing Colors with Carrie

It's time to mix up some colors...three colors to be exact is what' up today for Create28. During Create28 last year I tried a look which mixed three colors. This is something I hadn't done before but I have definitely done it since then and liked it, I might add. I tried a couple of different looks using three different colors with this prompt last year. My favorite look incorporated mixing purple, blue and green. I really like the combination quite a bit.
  Three Colors 3Wardrobe confession time: I did let the pants go in the purge. They were just lower-waisted than I liked, which made me not love them. I kept the other pieces but I recently wore the purple sweater and decided it just doesn't lay right. It's making an exit soon. Another look created using this prompt was part of my inspiration for this year's look. Well, actually I was using the inspiration from the purple sweater and had decided to pair it with the pumpkin blouse and blue sweater. Then I discovered this look from last year. Three Colors & Leopard So I went with this look for this year. Top pieces are the same but using the purple inspiration on bottom. 3colors three colors This look is one that is just okay to me. I've really struggled to love the purple skinnies. When I bought them I was super excited thinking they would go with almost everything in my wardrobe. But then....I found that to be a little false. They are also a brushed fabric and guess what? I really don't like it. Truth is I really like purple and it is one of my better colors. Letting go of these two purple items will mean I'm purple challenged in my closet. I'm sad about that but hopefully something wonderful in purple will be added in the future. What about you? What colors do love? Do you have them in your closet? Well, friends, I'd love to see your take on mixing three colors. Don't forget to share on Instagram using #create28winterlooks. Can't wait to see what you come up with today. week 4 Tomorrow Whitney is up with outerwear. This is something I have not much experience with this year because of our extremely warm temperatures so I'm looking forward to seeing what she puts together.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Business Attire with Jennie

Hi there, y'all! I am Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots and I am so thrilled to be a part of Carrie, Whitney and Casey's Create 28 Winter Friends Edition. Today I will be sharing a look I know a little something about - Business Attire.
Create 28, Office Looks, Pencil Skirts, Winter Looks, Professional Style, Black Blazer, Nine West Black pumps
When Carrie approached me about sharing a professional look, I was excited because my closet is packed full of pencil skirts, trousers, button-ups, and blazers. The only problem I had was narrowing it down to what kind of business attire to showcase. I finally went with what you see today. When it comes to dressing for a more formal office environment, I've been told many women find the clothes to be boring and uninspiring. Here are a few style tips I use to bring some visual interest to my professional looks:

Add a bold color - with a top, jacket, skirt, pants, or shoe.Prints break up the blahs - add at least one or two to your look.A fun shoe is a fabulous way to jazz up even the most basic of business attire.Accessorize! Jewelry and scarves truly help elevate a look and are a great way to add personality. Patterned, textured, or colorful tights are perfect for adding visual interest and additional warmth when wearing a skirt or dress.Layers are your friend. Instead of wearing just a sweater, add a button-up underneath, and perhaps go with a vest or jacket over that. I could go on and on with this one, as the possibilities are endless.
Create 28, Office Looks, Pencil Skirts, Winter Looks, Professional Style, Black Blazer, Nine West Black pumps Create 28, Office Looks, Pencil Skirts, Winter Looks, Professional Style, Black Blazer, Nine West Black pumps, Charming Charlie Necklace    

I hope I was able to offer you a little style inspiration today. The next time you have to dress for a big meeting, or just a regular day, perhaps these suggestions will help you remember that dressing professionally does not have to mean boring. For more of my office looks, as well as casual style, swing on by A Pocketful of Polka Dots.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Create28 Winter ~ Mixing Textures with Whitney

One of my favorite things about winter clothing is soft, cozy textures!  And why wear just one when you can wear a couple at a time?  Mixing textures is an easy way to add interest to an outfit if you don't want to add more color or patterns.

My favorite texture to work with is lace but I decided to do something a little bit differently today.  It is, after all, Create28 where we put together 28 new outfits with what we have in our closets!

Here I've mixed the cable knit in the sweater with the flannel in the skirt.  Yes, the skirt is made of flannel and it has an elastic waistband.  Can you say hello pajamas in skirt form!?  It's difficult to see in the photos but my flats are quilted, adding a third texture to the mix.

The colors are subdued and there aren't a lot of patterns going on, but the textures make this outfit more interesting than just the basics.  By the way, I'm sorry about the poor quality of the pictures.  This is what a real teacher looks like at the end of the day: a little wrinkled with faded make-up but still standing and (kind of) smiling!

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: LOFT (exact)
Necklace: Chewable Charms (exact)
Skirt: LOFT (similar, similar)
Tights: Anthropologie (similar)
Flats: Lindsay Phillips (similar)

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