Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of 2nd Grade

At Brookey's school, 2nd Grade is a big year! In terms of academics and the church/spiritual part of things. Her teacher is one of those wonderful, tough-but-fair-everyone-loves-her-sort of teacher. She'll definitely be pushed academically. In April, she'll take her First Communion which she will prepare for in the next 8 months. It's such an exciting time. For all my friends who have had 2nd graders previously, they all say this is one of most memorable school years.

She was SOOO excited to start!!! Hope the enthusiasm continues when homework packets start next week :)

Will is starting a preschool curriculum at "Ms. Maureen's"--his new childcare/preschool on Tuesdays/Thursdays. He's gone there one day already and I swear he is already smarter. She makes me look bad :)

Won't be long until Sarah joins the "group shot"
This is the best shot I could get of her class & teacher

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last school year, I worked 2 days a week at Brookey's small Catholic school teaching kids who needed a little extra help. I absolutely loved my job. However, I questioned my ability to to be sane enough to handle actually going to back to work with three kids.

If you asked me one month ago if I was going to go back, I would have said NO WAY, no how. I know people may see my situation from afar and think: "She works TWO days!! How can she not go back???" In my experience, most all of those people do not have three relatively young kids! I just could not fathom the craziness of having to balance everything I do at home PLUS trying to be coherent enough to teach two days.

Well, over the past month there have been several amazing things that have fallen into place (many of which I cannot explain except chalk it up to God's grace). So all the details aside, I am going back to work 2 days a week!! I almost feel like the decision was made for me in some strange way. All the stars just aligned and both Scott and I were amazed at how things just came together.

I did a "test run" of the whole going back to work situation last week when I had a few meetings to attend at school and it actually felt amazingly liberating. I could actually drink my coffee in peace, uninterrupted!! I got to socialize with my amazing friends/coworkers who are all awesome. And the best part--all my kids were happy as clams to break free from Mommy for a bit. I couldn't ask for a better situation--doing what I love, working at my kids' school, having amazing people caring for my kids and I get to use my brain a little :)

So right now, I feel like everything is in balance. I absolutely could not do anymore than 2 days and keep everything in balance the way I want it. Family ALWAYS comes first, no matter what. First and foremost I have to be able to have the energy to keep my family first. Things will be crazy, things would be crazy if I didn't work, too! Even crazier, I think!!

School starts tomorrow!! Bye bye was fun while it lasted...home with 3 kids all summer. Doesn't get much crazier than that!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Vacation to Tahoe!

We just got back from our very first "vacation" as a family of five! We went to Tahoe (stayed in Squaw Valley) and had the most amazing time. Honestly, MUCH better than I expected and the whole trip far exceeded my expectations in just about every way.

Sarah was a little angel and Brooke and Will had an absolute blast at the resort. The worst part of the vacation was the fact that we didn't have the foresight to stay longer!! We could have stayed another 3 days at least! Oh...and the laundry Monday morning....oh, the laundry....

The view from our room at the Resort at Squaw
The waterslide was definitely the highlight for all of us! Buddy even went down all by himself...not bad for a kid who got kicked our of swim lessons last month!!!

The beach at Sand Harbor in Incline Village. The water is so clear and amazing (and cold)!

Two of my friends happened to be staying there at the same time so Brookey got to play with her school friends! Here they are making S'mores.

Sarah was clearly unimpressed with the lake. She closed her eyes and passed out about 10 seconds later!

Me and Sarah at the beach/park in Tahoe City
Scott and crew in Tahoe City

The girls had to take a self portrait!!!Smile, Sarah!
We had silly fun in the photo booth at the arcade! Clearly, we don't know how to use a photo booth!!
So much fun--can't wait to go back!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Will You Accept This Rose?

I needed an excuse to get some of my girlfriends together so I threw a Bachelorette Finale party last Sunday!

We chowed down on Chocolate and Champagne cupcakes from Sift (Cupcake Wars Winner!!) that they customized to fit the party's theme. Each cupcake had an edible long-stemmed rose on top. So cute!

I also made the night special for the girls by customizing a "date card" for each one of them. When they RSVP'ed to the party, I secretly contacted each of their hubby's and asked them to plan a special "date night" for each lady. During each commercial break, I presented each girl with a personal date card and long stemmed rose from their hubby. They were so SHOCKED. I can't believe all of their husbands kept it a secret and I was able to pull it off. Needless to say, I have already gotten a few texts from my friends out on "dates," cashing in on their date cards.

Such a fun night!!!
Cupcakes, champagne and long stemmed roses..what more do we need??

Tiger Jr.?

Ok, HORRIBLE analogy! Maybe Nancy Lopez, Jr :)

Brookey went a Jr. golf camp last week here in Hiddenbrooke. I am shocked she even wanted to go, but I have to say I was quite pleased! We went to Play it Again Sports and bought her a putter and she was super excited about the camp before it started.

Quite frankly, I thought she would HATE it after the first day. Two hours at the driving range just hitting balls...and I didn't expect her to even HIT the ball!! She's had never even picked up a golf club before.

Well, low and behold, she absolutely loved it! Her coach said she did awesome and actually hit the ball straight and far (i guess "far" for a 6 year old).

Now she's begging for more lessons, so we'll see. I'm just thrilled she enjoyed herself! :)

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