Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Wine Tasting with Kids

It was a great success!! Of course we didn't hit a million wineries, but we got to actually enjoy some great wine with great friends...with kids! Of course a stop at the park was a necessity. We're definitely feeling more confident about taking the kids pretty much..anywhere! And to top it off, we were actually able to get all 3 kids to sleep and enjoy some adult time!

Brooke, Will and Bella--angels ;-)

The girls

The Jessens

Miss Bella

Will and Bella sharing romantic moments by the fountain at Sebastiani

Brookey's First Report Card

So proud of my baby--all D's. Which in preschool means "Does Great!"

Happy Campers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dennis the Menace

Is that the orneriest face or what?! Our little angel is become quite a little....BOY. So far, in his 10 short months of life he has managed to make his swing come crashing down on him, knock down and break a floor lamp, bash his nose on the wood floors and resulting in a bloody nose, call the fire department on my cell phone, hit his lip on my knee resulting in a bloody lip and constantly tear down his video monitor.

Um....girls don't do this type of thing as far as I know! Just little BOYS! We've ceased calling him our angel and now his just Dennis the Menace!!! Mommy's little Menace II Society!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We found this video of Brookey from our Hawaii trip. My, how language skills develop!! She sounds just like a little Asian lady visiting America for the first time!! It's hard to believe this is my Kindergarten-bound young lady!!!!

I have no idea how I got this video, but Scott had unplugged the phone so she couldn't make any random calls. This is when she discovers what her evil daddy had done...

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