Friday, July 31, 2015

Create28 Summer Looks ~ Carrie's Recap

Drum roll....The winner of the giveaway is Cherie O'Brien. Congratulations, Cherie! We hope you enjoy it and find something to purchase that you love. A big shout out thank you for all that enter the giveaway! We appreciate your support and participating in the giveaway!

 And now, the final recap of Create28 Summer Looks. Wow! It's the end of our Create28 Summer Looks! I hope y'all have had fun following along with Whitney, Casey and me. We have enjoyed putting these looks together. It has been fun to co-host with Whitney and Casey too. We have all had a blast seeing your looks on Instagram and linking up with us. We will be hosting another one in October to feature looks for fall {Create28 Fall Looks #Create28FallLooks}. But before the book is closed on this Create28 Summer Looks, I want to share the looks I came up this month. Here's my twelve looks.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Create28 Summer Looks ~ Casey's Recap

Well, my beautiful friends, July has just flown by and Create28 ~ Lovely Summer Looks is coming to a close. I have to tell you all that I had SUCH a blast teaming up with Carrie and Whitney for this little challenge! We had such a great time and we were so inspired by all of your looks on your blogs and #Create28SummerLooks!

Here are the looks I created during the month of July ~

Create28 Outfit Ideas

Create28 Summer Looks ~ Whitney's Recap

Well ladies, we have made it to the end of Create28: Lovely Summer Looks!  Create28 is the brainchild of Carrie who started this series back in February when I only played along on Instagram.  I love this challenge more than others because you can jump in and out whenever you doesn't require as much forward thinking and planning as a capsule wardrobe.  I also think that it provides genuine, easy inspiration when you are standing in front of your closet each morning (and who doesn't need some creative wardrobe vibes every once in awhile ?).  For this reason, I'm excited and proud that Carrie has let me join in on this Create28 journey.  Adding Casey to the mix has made this experience even more fun!  I know that you have been following along with our outfits all month, but let me tell you, working with these ladies behind the scenes has been an absolute blast.  Carrie and Casey are so genuine, sweet and creative.  If you don't follow them already, please do!  They are the real deal!

Without further ado, here are the twelve brand new looks I created for the Create28: Lovely Summer Looks prompts:

OZ Naturals Serum Review

Happy Wednesday! Let's talk a little about skincare today! Last month I shared with you my skincare faves--read the post HERE. In the past 3-4 years I have really started taking a real interest in caring for my skin. The signs of aging have been creeping up on me and it's not pretty, girls!!

Every night I have a simple routine I use to wash my face. It goes like this:

1. Cleanse with with Cetaphil bar with my Clarsonic (can't live without the Clarsonic!)

2. Apply toner (i use this one)

3. Night cream (i use this one OR this one)

4. Eye cream (i use this one OR this one)

The only thing missing that I have been wanting to try is a serum! Frankly, the only thing that has been holding me back is the price of serum! It is SO expensive!! I recently had the opportunity to try a serum and you better believe I jumped at the chance!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Create28 ~ A Summer Trend

I'm going to admit it right far as my generation goes, I'm what you could call a "late adopter." I still have an iPhone 5'ish (the old one), don't own a Blue Ray and I am quite certain I was the last of my friends to start texting. I am no different when it comes to clothing. I shy away from anything too edgy or too trendy. I tend to prefer classic pieces that I can wear over and over for years to come.

So when a kimono was on the Summer Style Challenge list last month, I really didn't have any true motivation to try it. But just like with day I tried it. And I loved it. And now I'm hooked!!! (don't ever call me, by the way, just TEXT!)

Kimono Outfit Two Ways

Create28 ~ My Pin It & Did It Look! + LINK UP

Happy Monday, girls!! I cannot believe this is the final week of Create28 ~ Lovely Summer Looks!!! I have had a BLAST and even more, I have absolutely LOVED seeing all of your outfits through the link ups and #Create28SummerLooks. You all inspire me so much!

Speaking of inspiration, today it's all about Pinterest! If you are like me, you have a zillion outfit Pins, but have recreated maybe a handful of them. Every once in awhile I love going through all of my Pins and finding "new" outfits I can recreate.

This outfit I Pinned when I "made" my denim all about that HERE. I wasn't sure about the denim vest until I hopped onto Pinterest! This is one of the first Pins that caught my eye where I thought, "Hey, I can do that one!"

Here's the lovely Julianne and my recreation ~

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 31

Day 1: Sunday ~ Last week, I mentioned we made our annual pilgrimage to IKEA so we could reorganize the kid's rooms (Sarah's moving into her own room and Brooke and Will wanted to "redesign" their room). If you're wondering why the girls aren't sharing a room, that may come in time, but Brooke and Will decided on their own that they wanted to stick together! Those two!!

ANYHOO--I was reorganizing/cleaning and completely blew out my back!! I was LITERALLY incapacitated for TWO DAYS! As of now, it's still hurts, but just glad I can WALK! At least Scott go the kid's dresser put together!!

Create28 ~ Styling a Summer Tank

If you have been following along with Create28, you probably know by now that I am totally smitten with tanks in the summer. This year, I've completely fallen for light and flowing tanks. If they are racer-back, then even better. So when I was contacted by Showinbuy to feature an item from their website, I first looked through they summer tops. I was looking for sleeveless and something a little feminine. I really wanted something that encompassed that light and airy look. Well, guess what? I found it!

ShowInBuy Top
ShowInBuy Top 3

This top came in a few other colors but I really thought white would be a great piece to add to my wardrobe. I know it can be difficult when it comes to photography but I hope you can see the layers.

ShowInBuy Top 2

shorts/aeropostale {similar} top/showinbuy {one} belt/amazon {similar} shoes/dsw {similar}
ShowInBuy Top 4

I featured this top earlier in Create28 with a more dressier look. {Here} It seemed appropriate to feature a look with shorts that is casual yet chic. Casual, put-together and chic is what I try to accomplish for my everyday looks. is online site for women's clothing. They offer a variety of items from special occasion dresses to everyday pieces. This is a website where you can pick up a few of those trendy pieces at little cost. But at the same time, you can find a great little item like this one. A piece like this that has versatility within the summer months but has the potential to cross a season or two if remixed correctly.

The question remains - Would I purchase from Showinbuy? I would certainly peruse their website for specific pieces to add throughout the seasons. Most likely it is a place I would shop for trendier pieces. I did think the quality of this top was very nice. I was really happy with it although I did not expect it to be as nice as it is. This item was definitely a win! Now the bad news. I received this top a few weeks ago and had planned to feature it in this post. Evidently, it is sold out because I would not find it on their site. This one is very similar though.
Since this type of tank isn't everyone's favorite, my Pinterest board might be a great place to get a little more inspiration.
Don't forget to add your look on Instagram #Create28SummerLooks. We are loving what you have been posting this month! Keep it up, ladies!
Be sure to enter our giveaway too, which ends in a few days!
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Create28 ~ Patterned Shorts

Patterned shorts have really become a fave of mine this summer! They can be dressed up or down and I have seen some of the CUTEST patterns lately!!

My favorite pair are these floral ones I snagged at Old Navy this past spring. I get compliments on them wherever I go! They were about $15 and I have definitely gotten great use out of them this summer!

Floral and Patterned Shorts Outfit
I think what makes these shorts so versatile is the fact that they have a lot of different colors, so it's easy to pair them with a variety of tops. I've worn them with aqua, pink, white, coral, chambray...and now a little pattern mixing!!

Floral and Patterned Shorts Outfit

Floral and Patterned Shorts Outfit

I absolutely LOVE stripes and floral! Don't know when this obsession started, but I just can't get enough! I saw this dress at Nordstrom the other day and about passed out!

Not sure it would look great on me, but I just LOVE the floral colors paired with the bold black and white stripes! Click HERE for the dress.

Here are some other cute ways to wear patterned shorts ~

1. Paired with a bright top ~ Pairing patterned shorts with just a simple bright tee or tank is a classic summer look!

Ways to Wear Patterned Shorts
Source: J's Everyday Fashion

2. Paired with a graphic tee ~ How ADORABLE is this look?? Simple shorts and a tee, but no shortage of style here!

Ways to Wear Patterned Shorts
Source: Merrick's Art

3. Belted ~Not something you might immediately think of, but I have actually done a cognac belt with my floral shorts several times and I really like it!

Ways to Wear Patterned Shorts
Source: The Daily Mail

4. Dressed Up ~ Patterned shorts can be dressed down with a simple tee, but they also look awesome dressed up with a flowy blouse and wedges or heels--holy hotness!!!

Ways to Wear Patterned Shorts
 (couldn't find the original source!)

My floral Old Navy shorts have been sold out for awhile, but here are some super cute patterned shorts options (you can click on any image for more info)
What is your favorite way to wear patterned shorts? Let's see your cute patterns at #Create28SummerLooks!

Don't forget to enter the raffle to win $75 from Gap Brands, Loft, Nordstrom or Target! The last day to enter is next Thursday, July 30th!

As always, here's lots more patterned shorts inspiration!

Follow A Little Bit of Cheer's board Patterned Shorts on Pinterest.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Create28 ~ Summer Date Night

Here's the beautiful Whitney showing off an adorable summer date night look!!!

Happy Friday, ladies!  Do you have any fun plans this evening to celebrate the start of the weekend? Perhaps you have a date tonight with a special someone!  What are you going to wear??  It's a good thing that's what we're discussing on day 24 of Create28: Lovely Summer Looks...summer date night looks!

My favorite date night look will always consist of that perfect little dress.  You know, that one that fits in all the right places, feels a bit flirty and makes you feel like a million bucks!  Add some cute wedges and I am ready for a night on the town!

I wore this Milly for Kohl's dress for my birthday dinner in May and just knew that I had to pull it out again before the end of the summer.  Sometimes with such bold pieces, I struggle to think of remixing options.  But ladies, it's all about the accessories.  You may remember that I wore this dress before with pink pumps but navy espadrilles give it a different vibe.  I also added a bold Kendra Scott necklace for a bit more glamour.  And don't forget that cute little clutch!

What is your go-to date night look.  Perhaps some short shorts or a sexy romper?  Carrie, Casey and I want to see you all gussied-up on Instagram (#create28summerlooks) and for our link-up on Monday!

Looking for some more ideas...

Follow Whitney R.'s board Summer Date Night on Pinterest.

And don't forget to enter our giveaway!  At the end of the month we will mail the lucky winner a $75 gift card to her choice of Gap Brand Stores, LOFT, Nordstrom or Target!  Check-out how to enter below.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Kohl's (similar, similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)
Clutch: South Moon Under (exact in black)
Wedges: DSW (exact)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Create28 ~ Summer Layering

Hey Pretties! Welcome Carrie back today and see what she has in store for us in terms of layering in the summer....

 Do you layer your pieces in the summer? Does that seem odd? When it's hot it seems a little strange to add extra clothing. But when indoor venues crank the A/C down it can get a little cold if you're sleeveless. There are definitely reasons for layering in summer: Reason #1 ~ It adds a little warmth. Reason #2 ~ It adds variety and interest to your look. Reason #3 ~ It allows for better remixing options. Maybe you don't actually add that extra piece when you walk out the door but you can't go wrong with taking it with you. My go-to item that I grab is a light sweater. This look is one I would wear if we went out to see a movie. For me, it's seems to be a little too cool in most theaters. Summer Sweater 3 Summer Sweater 2I'm keeping it casual but adding interest with the pattern mixing. I kept the look within the same color scheme for easy mixing. You can do this, ladies! I promise! Summer SweaterAlthough I added a lightweight sweater, it would be just as easy to add a denim vest {medium wash or even white}. Sandals could replace the sneakers too and you have created an even different look while keeping the base {tee and shorts} pieces the same.
Summer Sweater - sittingshorts/ON {exact} tee/ON {similar} sweater/target {similar} sneakers/payless {similar}
For some great inspiration and fun summer layering looks, click on the Pinterest board.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow when Whitney will be showing us a Date Night Look. We all need one of those don't we?

Don't forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $75.00 Gift Card. Your choice of Gap Brands, Loft, Nordstrom or Target. Closes at 5:00 pm CST on July 30th and we'll announce the winner the next day!

  rp_CREATE-28-PROMO-2.jpg Don't forget to add your look to Instagram #Create28SummerLooks. #Create28SummerLooks
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SlimQuick Pure Review

Ahhh, vacation. Rest, relaxation, fun with family. When I go on vacation, it's just my time to indulge and enjoy life and those around me. While I do watch what I eat and try to maintain somewhat of a healthy diet and workout routine at home, I throw it all out the window when I'm on vacation!

You've seen this pic before from a recent vacation ~

The only thing missing from this picture is the gynormous bowl of guacamole and a Costco-sized bag of Wasabi Kettle Chips I was devouring as I took this pic!! #reallife #sorrynotsorry. At any rate, let's just say I always put on a few pounds and a whole lotta bloat whenever I vacation. When I arrived home from my most recent vacation, I had the opportunity to review the Slimquick Pure Mixed Extra Strength Mixed Berry Drink Mix and WHAT TIMING! I could not WAIT to get started!!

SlimQuick Pure Review
SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries Drink Mix claims it is designed for women to help them lose weight by addressing the 6 physical reasons women have trouble losing weight:

~ Increase Metabolism
~ Reduce Appetite
~ Boost Energy
~ Reduce Excess Water
~ Support Hormones
~ Reduce Stress

Sounds about right to me after a long, indulgent vacation, doesn't it??! The thing I like about it the most was that it contains all natural ingredients, antioxidants, calcium, Vitamin D and Green Tea. It also has zero calories and is sugar free.

You drink two servings in the morning and two in the afternoon. You just mix it in with water and drink it with you meals or snacks--it DOES NOT replace meals and try to starve you! This is what mine looked like with breakfast ~

SlimQuick Pure Review
SlimQuick Pure Review

The drink actually tastes really good and is super refreshing! I can say that when I drank this, I definitely felt the energy boost and it totally kept me "full" between meals!! I did not feel like snacking nearly as much AND it kept me hydrated. Score!!

Would I purchase this drink mix? Absolutely!! It's the perfect little summertime drink with great healthy benefits.

The website also features delicious looking drink recipes that can be used with the mix. I'll be featuring one soon when Foodie Friday returns in August :)

You can purchase Slimquick Pure Drink Mix at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and most other big-box stores. Click HERE for a $5 coupon!!

** I received a free sample of SlimQuick Mixed Berry drink but all opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Create28 ~ Summer Skirts

I LOVE skirts. But for some reason, skirts don't typically end up in my closet. I confessed in this post that I had never owned a pencil skirt before!!! Because my lifestyle is so casual (3 young kids), I think I tend to shy away from skirts because I feel like they are "too dressy." However, last year I purchased this cargo-type skirt at Loft and I really love it! It totally fits my casual lifestyle and is a great alternative to shorts in the spring and summer.

Ways to Wear a Summer Skirt

Ways to Wear a Summer Skirt

I can just throw on this skirt with a  casual tee and sandals and I am just as comfortable in it as I would be in shorts or jeans. Plus, it has pockets so that's always a HUGE plus!! If you're looking for a casual skirt, here are some great options:

Once in awhile though, I am glad I have my pencil skirt for more dressy occasions. But you know me, I can never go toooooo dressy! In this post, I dressed down my pencil skirt with a denim vest  and casual wedges ~

Ways to Wear a Summer Skirt
Here I dressed down the same skirt with a simple graphic tee....but I did add heels and bling, though...FANCY, right??!!!

Ways to Wear a Summer Skirt

Ways to Wear a Summer Skirt
Skirt: c/o Shabby Apple (exact)
Get Your Pretty On Tee - proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to the Pretty Strong foundation to help women undergoing cancer treatment. Click HERE for the shirt (TONS of options!)

I absolutely love this skirt from Shabby Apple! Their quality is top notch and they have the most ADORABLE skirts and dresses! You can see all of my Shabby Apple faves in this post.

Click here and use the code BLUES for 15% off all Shabby Apple skirts and dresses!
The more I try skirts, the more I warm up to them. Are you a "skirt person??" What are your favorite types of skirts? Here is more summer skirt inspiration!

Follow A Little Bit of Cheer's board Summer Skirts on Pinterest.
Join Carrie here tomorrow when she talks about summer layering. I can't wait to see her look! Don't forget to enter the raffle for a $75 Gift card!!


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Create28 ~ My Favorite Jewelry

I don't know about you, but summer seems to be the season when I find motivation to get into better shape!  Perhaps it's because I can exercise outside in the sunshine.  Or maybe it's because I'm a teacher and when the school year gets hectic, exercise takes the back burner in life.

You may be wondering why I started a post about jewelry by talking about fitness.  Well, it's because I have a new jewelry item in my collection that's helping with my activity goals: a Fitbit.  These things have been on the market for sometime now but if you've never heard of one, a Fitbit is a glorified pedometer that tracks your steps and sleep patterns.  You can also use the corresponding app to log your water and calorie consumption for the day.

I've been wearing a Fitbit for about a month now and I love it!  Not only does it keep track of everything for me, but it motivates me to get extra physical activity each day.  There have been a few evenings that I've done laps around my apartment so that I can achieve my step goal for the day!

The only complaint I have about my Fitbit is that it isn't very pretty.  So here is where we combine jewelry and fitness!  I want to share with you a few things that I've done to make my Fitbit a little bit more à la mode (and I don't mean ice cream, see my sidebar if you are confused).

The simplest way to jazz-up your Fitbit is to purchase it in a color that you like.  You can also purchase extra wristbands (for less than the cost of the whole Fitbit) so that you can change-up the look.

photo courtesy of Fitbit

The easiest way that I've found to dress-up my Fitbit is to wear the band that best matches my outfit and then stack-on a few neutral bracelets.

Druzy Bangle: c/o Rocks Box
Wrap Bracelet: Gift

Another way to add a little interest to the pedometer is to wear the band that is in the same color family as the outfit you are wearing, then add other bracelets in the same family.  For example, I worked with blue and green hues here.

Bangles: Alex and Ani

A really fun way to wear a Fitbit is to choose a band that really pops against what you are wearing (like this hot pink against a navy dress).  With the band, wear a big colorful bracelet that pulls-out the colors of the Fitbit and your outfit!

Bracelet: Gift

My final tip for styling a Fitbit is to pair a band with a bracelet in the same color for a cohesive look!

Michigan Map Bracelet: Gift

Do you have any other ideas about how to style a Fitbit?  I would love to hear about them in the comments since I plan to keep wearing mine!  And what's your favorite jewelry item this summer? Show Carrie, Casey and me on Instagram (#create28summerlooks) and don't forget to link-up on Monday.  We are also still hosting our giveaway of a $75 gift card to your choice of Gap brand stores, LOFT, Nordstrom or Target.  See below for details!

Casey is back tomorrow showing us some skirt looks!

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