Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cheer Camp

Brookey's school offered a cheerleading camp for summer school this year, so she took the class with a few of her friends. They had a blast!! As you can see, the made their own cheer shirts! :)

The group performed their cheers and dance routine for parents which was very cute. Next, they'll get to perform at the school sports rally in the fall and at a high school football game next month!

She loved cheerleading!

Game Face

Buddy started flag football a few weeks ago. It's pure hilarious-ness. These kids are 4 years old and as Scott says, "They don't know the ball from their butt." Translated--football is a difficult game to play at age 4...the kids are out there running around, chasing each other, not knowing what in the world they're doing!! Like I said, HILARIOUS!!!

However, I have to say, the coach is VERY good. VERY patient, but tough on the kids. He doesn't let them get out of line or cut corners. It's been a great experience.

So Scott insisted he play in Vallejo, soooo......Will is pretty much the only "white" kid. There are other kids who a mixed race like he is but he's really the only kid that looks like a white boy. Again, HILARIOUS!!!!! He has 2 friends on the team who we know from church and T-ball, so he's enjoying playing with "his friends." We'll probably continue football into the fall and hopefully by the end of next year he'll know the ball from his....

He's a Vallejo Kid!!!!

Fun in Fresno

Since we had not visited Fresno in roughly 9 months, we decided we were due for a trip down there! The kids had a ball swimming all day long in the 100++ degree heat. We also were able to take a trip to the Zoo and Storyland and the Roeding Park rides--places I went when I was a kid. It was neat to take our kids there!!!!

A trip wouldn't be complete without my Classic Family Kid kid screaming, one smiling and one being goofy. Yep, par for the course.
Sarah had fun swimming with Grandpa
Fun at the Zoo
Riding the Merry-go-Round at Roeding Park
They had to cool down in the water-play area!
A Roeding Park trip is not complete without a ride on the train!

2013 Whirwind of Events Recap

The first half of 2013 has been nothing short of a whirlwind of big events and milestones for our family! It's been so busy and of course I am way behind on the blog posts. I will briefly try to catch up and hopefully continue on a more regular posting cycle (no promises, though!!)

2013 Big Rooney Events Recap:

February: Most of Scott's Family flew out for his 40th birthday

March: Will turns 4! We celebrate with a weekend trip to Santa Cruz

April: Brookey's First Communion

May: Sarah turns the Big 1!
May: Sarah's Baptism

June: Our 10th anniversary, vow renewal and we get married (again!) in the Catholic Church
Our 10th Anniversary celebration in Napa
Whew! I'm tired just thinking about how we made it through all of those milestones!! None of this includes working, the kids' special things at school, T-Ball and soccer seasons, my birthday, Mother's Day and everything in between! It was a crazy, but extremely special 6 months. I will cherish the memories from 2013 forever. Recapping all of our big events now that they are over, give me a true sense of all the blessings in our lives. Cheers to a great 2nd half of 2013!!!

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