Sunday, July 21, 2013

Game Face

Buddy started flag football a few weeks ago. It's pure hilarious-ness. These kids are 4 years old and as Scott says, "They don't know the ball from their butt." Translated--football is a difficult game to play at age 4...the kids are out there running around, chasing each other, not knowing what in the world they're doing!! Like I said, HILARIOUS!!!

However, I have to say, the coach is VERY good. VERY patient, but tough on the kids. He doesn't let them get out of line or cut corners. It's been a great experience.

So Scott insisted he play in Vallejo, soooo......Will is pretty much the only "white" kid. There are other kids who a mixed race like he is but he's really the only kid that looks like a white boy. Again, HILARIOUS!!!!! He has 2 friends on the team who we know from church and T-ball, so he's enjoying playing with "his friends." We'll probably continue football into the fall and hopefully by the end of next year he'll know the ball from his....

He's a Vallejo Kid!!!!

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