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Meal Plan Monday ~ Dinner Inspiration for Busy Moms

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Welcome to Meal Plan Monday! One of the main reasons I can stay on track with good nutrition is taking a few minutes each weekend to plan out our meals and snacks. Each Monday I will be sharing our family's weeknight dinner plan with you!

I find inspiration for dinner in four main places:
  • Magazines: I love Cooking Light and Food Network Magazine. Most of their recipes are healthy, easy and family friendly.
  • Food Network: I love their website and if I see something good while I am watching a Food TV show, I can always look up the recipe! I love their ratings and reader reviews too!
  • Pinterest: I am constantly pinning healthy recipes! I've done the work for you--check out my Pinterest board here:
  • This Blog: LOL! Sounds weird but I often forget what healthy recipes I've made! This blog is a record of my family's faves. It's like my "best of the best" recipe file...because I don't share bad recipes with ya'll!!!
This Week
This week is similar to last week, crammed full of baseball and play rehearsals. I am looking forward to the following week when all (most) of the craziness ends!
This week is also my 40th birthday!! Arghhhhh!!! So Tuesday will be a takeout night!!

The Menu
Monday: Kung Pao Chicken
  • Inspiration: Food Network--I saw Pioneer Woman make this and knew I had to have it!!
  • Notes: Overall, this is one of her healthier dishes! I might lower the sugar a bit, but otherwise it's healthy! I will substitute chicken breasts for thighs and serve over brown rice.
meal plan kung pao chicken easy meal planing

Tuesday: My birthday!! Thai Takeout :)
  • Inspiration: I'm 40, I can eat what I want to! LOL!
  • Notes: Eating out is a "treat" for us (less than once a week), so I feel like if I am on track with my nutrition 5-6 days a week, I can afford to have zero guilt about eating out or special occassions!
Wednesday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches or Salad
  • Inspiration: Pinterest
  • Notes: Since my daughter and I won't be home for dinner, I wanted to make something I could make ahead and leave in the fridge for everyone to eat when they got around to it.  This chicken salad is perfect-plus, it gets better as it sits in the fridge :) I will have my chicken salad over mixed greens and hubs will probably have a sandwich! I will probably omit some of the ingredients (like parsley and red onion) to make it easier and use rotisserie chicken breast to save time!
easy chicken salad meal prep

Thursday: Portable Turkey Burritos
  • Inspiration: Pinterest search on "Healthy portable meals."
  • Notes: Baseball night! If I want to avoid the crap at the Snack Bar, I have to pack food! These burritos are portable--i can wrap them up and head to the ball park. I also like how you cook the veggies separately from the meat. I can customize the kid's burritos without veggies (sigh--i know, they aren't veggie lovers just yet).
turkey burritos portable meals meal planning

Friday: Chicken and Pesto Mini Pizzas
  • Inspiration: Pinterest search for "Healthy Pizza"
  • Notes: Friday night is ALWAYS pizza night at our house! I love this somewhat healthy take on pizza! Gotta mix it up sometimes! The kids will have their "Usual"--cheese!! BORING!! :) I LOVE LOVE these naan breads from Costco. If you can't find them, you can also use Flat Out wraps or even a whole wheat tortilla. I might even go crazy and throw on some kalamata olives!
easy chicken pesto pizza meal plan easy dinner

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