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A Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

A morning routine that will change your life

Let me start by saying I am NOT a morning person. Well, I WASN'T a morning person until last year, that is. I still have vivid memories of my dad waking me up on the weekends at 11:00am. I would DRAG myself out of bed like a rockstar who had been partying all night. Except I was 15 and in bed by 9:00pm...not only was I not a morning person but I was not a night owl, either. Yep, I was the one who got their undies frozen at every sleepover!

My dislike for mornings continued into adulthood as a savored every single precious moment in bed on the weekends....often just lounging until 9 or 10am. Then --- enter KIDS! My lazy mornings were ripped from me, along with any resemblance of free time or ME time! Sound familiar?

I went dragging along this way for years and years until one day (3 kids and many sleep deprived years later) I decided I need to get my body back and start working out again. Buuuutttttt.......I had no time. I worked most days, had kids to take care of the other days, sports to drive to, lunches to pack, mouths to feed and I needed to work my precious sleep in there somehow! But I was desperate and something had to give. So I decided the only time I could squeeze my workout in was at 5:00am.

You know what? Not only did I get my workout in everyday, but I learned to TRULY appreciate the morning. The stillness. The quiet. The pure and utter joy I got from this ME time. I had never read The Miracle Morning before I started this routine ( and I still haven't read it in it's entirety) but the principle of the book and what I do each morning are essentially the same.

Morning routine

Here is my simple morning routine- i start at 5:00am and end at 6:00am.
  1. Exercise (30 minutes): I don't enjoy working out at all...EXCEPT when I am done I feel like a million bucks! Working out in the morning is KEY for me for the sheer fact that it doesn't give me all day to make excuses about why I can't get my workout in. And even if the whole day goes to he**, I at least know I accomplished something great to start the day.
  2. Reading/Motivation (15 minutes): Reading is also something "I don't have time for." So mornings is when I get it done! I also choose something along the lines of personal development vs. fiction (I save that before bed or another time).  I like to start the day with my mind filled with positive thoughts or information I know will help me grow either personally, spiritually or professionally. Right now I am reading a book called Untangled about navigating your way through parenting a pre teen. Choose a book that is relevant to YOU--figure out what you need "help" with and find a book about it! It can even be a devotional or positive quotes book--anything to get your mind in a good place.
  3. Warm Drink and Daily To Do List (5-10 minutes): For me, this is COFFEE (black, one Stevia packet), but tea or hot water with lemon or warm milk are great too! The warmness brings a sense of calm to the day. Along with my warm drink I get out my phone and write the things I need to accomplish for the day in my Reminders section. Checking those things off during the day is a huge mental boost! You can even add "Drink morning coffee" to the list if you really want to feel accomplished fast!! LOL!
  4. Silence (5-10 minutes): A a mom of 3 and part time teacher, there aren't many times in the day that I get to enjoy true and utter SILENCE. Just 5 minutes of pure silence and being in my own thoughts sets a calming tone for the day. During this time I like to express gratitude and list in my head things I am thankful for.
This morning routine is so simple yet sets the tone for your entire day! I think if you implement a morning routine similar to this one you will:
  • Gain a sense of peace
  • Lower your stress
  • Feel accomplished
  • Improve your overall health and even lose weight!
  • Feel energized
  • Feel more gracious and less anxious 
If you are not used to getting up early, trust me, it takes some getting used to. But I truly urge you to try it for at least 2 weeks (Monday- Friday) and allow your body the time it needs to adjust. I am telling you, friends--this morning routine has been a true lifesaver to this busy mama craving ME TIME. :)

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