Wednesday, January 2, 2019

10 Healthy Grab & Go Snack Ideas for Busy Mamas

Portable Grab and Go Snacks

One of most frequently asked questions I get is about healthy snacks. I get busy moms asking me what they can grab, throw in the car and eat on the way to baseball or dance practice. With sports and kid activities going on year-round, families are on the go several times a week--and the days of coming home and sitting down to fresh baked cookies and milk are few and far between.

I have definitely fallen victim to being gone from the house for hours at a time, getting HANGRY and Taco Bell just seems like a good idea...until afterward :) Ugh! Being prepared can definitely save you from those times when fast food "seems like a good idea." HINT: it RARELY is!!!

Below are some of my go to on-the-go snack options. One great tip is to purchase a small, portable cooler or lunch bag that will keep snacks cool, especially when the weather start to heat up. It also opens up more snack options when you know they can stay cold! (think fruit vs. a bag of chips)
Mix and match these to make perfect on the go snacks for the whole family! And let's be honest, these might even be out dinner from time to time but at least we know it's a healthy dinner!

Healthy Grab and Go Snacks
1. Peanut Butter Pouch + Apple Slices: I love these Justin's pouches! You can get them on Amazon or at Target for about $1.
2. Nuts + Dried Fruit: Watch your potions on the nuts. Remember it's a snack :) A small handful of each fruit and nuts is perfect.
3. Portable Hummus + Veggies: Little hummus cups like these can be found at most grocery stores now. They are perfect to just grab and go!
4. KIND bar: I typically stay away from post pre packaged bars but these a mostly nuts, low in sugar, high in protein and just the right size.
5. Peeled Hardboiled Eggs: Super easy and portable! Make sure you peel before you go so they are easy to eat on the road. Costco and many grocery stores sell pre-peeled eggs, too!
6. Peanut Butter + Chocolate Energy Bites: This is just the perfect bite of sweet and salty....also lots of protein and whole grains. Get the recipe HERE.
7. Cheese stick and whole grain crackers: Easy peasy. I also love the Baby Bel cheese.
8. Grapes or Berries: Put about a cup in a small tupperware and they're perfect for snacking.
9. Beef Jerky: Watch the sodium content, but this high protein snack will keep you full for awhile!
10. Edamame: Another high protein snack that is so portable--i love the shelled ones for easy eating.

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