Wednesday, January 2, 2019

6 Essential Tips for Staying Motivated with Your Health & Fitness

health and fitness motivation tips

Ah, health and fitness motivation. Raise your hand if you've been gung ho to start a workout routine or made a New Year's resolution to "eat healthy," went strong for a week or two and fell off the wagon?? Yep, me too! Roughly 70% of people who start a workout program QUIT within a few months! Why? Here are a few reasons why and guess what?? We're going to solve them!!


  1. Life. In one word: LIFE. Life is BUSY, ya'll!! We might have the best intentions to start when things are good, but when life throws us a loop (a kid-activity packed week, work deadlines, potty training, marital stress, illness, etc etc etc), we straight up GIVE UP!!!!

  2. Unrealistic Goals & Expectations: This is especially true in the New Year--we want to go BIG!! "I am going to lose 50 lbs this year!!!" we shout from the rooftops!! Woot woot! Big goals are AWESOME, but big goals without a plan are worthless.
  3. Boredom: Although running around the neighborhood everyday or buying a treadmill to run on at home might seem like a great idea, chances are after a few weeks, extreme boredom is going to set in.
  4. No Accountability: Although we'd all love to be self motivated and kick ass ALL THE TIME, it's often impossible to accomplish goals without a strong support network. I mean, who doesn't want a cheerleader supporting and motivating them to reach their goals??!

Good news! Although these are all difficult obstacles to overcome, here are 6 ways you can GET OVER IT and **finally** reach your goals!! You can do it, I promise.

  1. Have a WHY: Before you even start a workout program and nutrition plan you need to have a strong WHY. or REASON why you are doing it. This is very personal to every person and everyone has a different reason for starting a health and fitness journey. In my fitness challenge groups, I have heard every WHY under the sun. Ranging from "I want to be the mom who goes in the pool with their kids and isn't embarrassed to wear a bathing suit" to "I want to overcome my depression" to "My doctor said if I don't do something, I won't live much longer. I've heard it all. Your WHY can be simple or profound. But whatever it is, make sure it's motivating enough to get you out of bed in the morning. Think hard and dig deep!!
  2.  Realistic Goals: Set short, realistic and measurable goals. Saying on January 1st, "I want to lose 50lbs!" may be well-intentioned, but what will end up happening is you'll have setbacks (AKA: life) and realize you are SO FAR from your goal, it will seem unattainable. The result--you give up. Setting short term goals -- i like to do monthly or 12 week goals--will help keep you motivated because it's a goal you're closer to reaching. Also, give yourself a deadline. Bad Goal: I want to lose 50lbs! Good Goal: I want to lose 5lbs by April 30th.
  3. Schedule It: Decide each day WHEN and WHERE you will work out (at home, at the gym, spin class, etc) and schedule into your calendar just like a meeting with your boss. You wouldn't ditch a planned meeting with your boss, so don't ditch your planned workout.
  4. Accountability: Find a workout partner, tell your spouse, post it on Facebook--whatever YOU need to do to so you will be held accountable for your eating and workouts. In my accountability groups we have a daily check in and I always love knowing that there are people in the group supporting me and checking on me.
  5. Mix It Up: Boredom is a big reason people quit with their  fitness routine. This was COMPLETELY me when I used to go to the gym! All I would do is hop on the ellpitical for 30-40 after day. UGH! Mix up your workouts! Get outside, try a sport, get a new workout video...whatever you need to do to stay motivated with something fresh and exciting!
  6. Non-Scale Victories: Getting started on your health and fitness journey means a lot more than just a number on a scale. Yes, most of us want to lose weight. However, in order to do that the RIGHT way by making a lifestyle change, takes time and patience. Instead of constantly focusing on the number on the scale, make a list each week of "non scale victories." Did you have more energy? Were you able to resist those doughnuts in the break room?  Did you try a healthy new recipe? Celebrate these victories! They all help in achieving your goal!

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