Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 24

This week was the week of VBC--Vacation Bible Camp! My kiddos have gone to it every year since they could but I have never have been able to help out and volunteer because I always had a baby/toddler at home!

Well, this year Brooke got to volunteer and Will and Sarah were both campers so I got to help! It was a CRAZY exhausting week but such a treat to teach the kiddos about Jesus in such a FUN way!! We had some much fun!

Fun in ROME--Will and team making aqueducts.

One day there was a petting zoo! The kids were THRILLED!

Sibling "love"-- Sarah!!!!!! GET OFF ME!!

 Halfway through the week!!! We are crazy-tired!


They had awesome camp leaders!

Last day! Woot!!!!!!

Finishing off the HOT week with backyard roses and Vietnamese "Wrap Night."

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