Tuesday, November 24, 2009

8 Months Old!

Mommy's a little behind on the months, but here is Mr. Will at 8 months. This was a big month for seems like he's truly transitioning from quiet little INFANT to more of a sitting, babbling, smiling, almost crawling HUMAN BEING!

He's VERY curious now, especially about anything Big Sis is doing or playing with. He loves to laugh and say "dadadadada!" even though he's a true Mama's Boy! He eats a lot but definitely has his faves of apple sauce and yogurt. Anything veggie-related creates a scrunched face and gagging. We will keep trying!

He's definitely a chunker. My guess is about 20 pounds. He's in Size 4 diapers and wears at least 12 month clothes even though I am buying all 18 months since he's growing up so fast!!! It's just so "baby" is going to be 4 this week and my 'Lil Buddy is no longer 'Lil anymore!! Boo Hoo!!!

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