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The Secret to Staying Motivated With Your Health & Fitness

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Over two years ago I started my health and fitness journey. Was I motivated??! Heck yes I least I thought I was!! After 3 kids I had finally invested in myself! I bought cute workout clothes, a nice water bottle, set my alarm to wake up was AWESOME...for about 3 weeks. I lost 10 lbs and tons of inches but my DRIVE to keep going fizzled out.

Why did I lose motivation?? Well, I really never HAD motivation to begin with! What I had was EXCITEMENT! Lots of people confuse motivation with excitement, which is one of the reasons so many people drop off the earth in March at the gym!! LOL! So how to we KEEP MOTIVATION?? Here are my tips..

Tip #1: Declare + Surround Yourself with Supporters
If you want to stay motivated with your health and fitness, you need accountability. The first way to start this is to DECLARE to the world that you are starting your journey and that you intend to keep it up! The simple action of putting yourself out there can help you stay motivated because you know others are watching!!
Another thing to do is surround yourself with people who will SUPPORT YOU...Starting with the people in your own home. Getting your significant other on board is HUGE. Setting guidelines such as, "I am making a healthy lifestyle change. I'd like it if we could limit our eating out to once a week." The people around you LOVE you, they WANT to support you--but you need to be clear on your expectations.
At work, make a declaration as well!!! Let people see your healthy lunch when they are grabbing the doughnuts. Let them ask you about what you're doing! Let them cheer you on! Or just let them watch you :) Knowing you are being watched is, oddly, fantastic motivation :)

Tip #2: A Simple Mindset Shift
This one is easy, but hurts a little. Every time you "don't feel like it"--whether it be working out of eating healthy or planning your meals, etc....replace those words: "I don't feel like it" with "I am not COMMITTED to living a healthy lifestyle." Those words I AM NOT COMMITTED hits at the heart...far more than "I don't feel like it." You WANT to be committed. You don't want to FAIL! When you tell yourself you are not committed, it's like giving  into failure. Try it :)

Tip #3: Attach Feelings and Find Your WHY
Living a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond fitting into a pair of jeans or losing 20 lbs. While those things are all GREAT goals, they a very surface-level. Chances are, when you reach your goal, you'll quit...and at some point have to restart. To combat this, you need to think about your FEELINGS more than specific, external goals. Ask yourself questions like:
  • How do I want to FEEL throughout my life? Do I want to feel lethargic? Energetic? Confident? Envision how you WANT to FEEL as you go through life on this health and fitness journey.ENVISION yourself with your children years from now..your grandchildren. What do you see?
  • How do I FEEL when I look in the mirror?? NOT externally, but are you comfortable with who you see?? Are you confident? Comfortable in your own skin?
  • How do you want your family to FEEL about you?
Question like these touch you straight at the HEART and can push you through even the toughest days. I call this your WHY. Dig deep and find your WHY and you'll always have built in motivation.

Here is my why...this is why I have been able to stick to working out and living healthy (in moderation!) for over two years:

I have seen too many people close to me suffer so many ailments because they are not living an active, healthy lifestyle. The ailments are physical high blood pressure and heart disease and require a boat load of medication. But I've also seen non-physical ailments such as depression, lack of confidence and lack of self worth. All are mentally and physically devastating and have shown me how sedentary living truly affects body, mind AND spirit.

I don't want to live this way. I don't want my family to live this way. THIS is what helps me push through on the days "I don't wanna!"

I hope this has helped!

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